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how do i find out im pregnut?

i dont have a mom so its hard to ask my dad this stuff im not saying i am i just want to know. does it have to do something with your period. and whats so bad about boys i mean girls have to give birth and they have to have there period which is annoying do boys get something like a period

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    Hey ,

    You asked:does it have to do something with your period?

    Well here's alot of ways to find out if you or someone is........

    Pregnancy Sign Category :


    Unusual or abnormal period

    Just "feeling" pregnant

    Nausea and Vomiting

    Changes in libido

    Soreness of the Breasts

    Enlargement of the Breasts

    Increased Urination

    Strange Cravings


    Montgomery's Tubercules

    Skin Changes

    Stretch Marks

    Quickening (Fetal Movement)

    Colostrum from Breasts

    Enlarged Abdomen

    Positive Pregnancy Test

    Change in uterine shape

    Enlarging Uterus Probable

    Braxton Hicks Contractions

    Palpation of the Baby

    Fetal Heart Tones

    Ultrasound Detection.....

    Then you asked: Whats so bad about boys i mean girls have to give birth and they have to have there period which is annoying do boys get something like a period?

    It's the curse of Adam & Eve , The child birth and periods is eve's punishment . And the Hard working also slaving and protectness toward the woman is Adam's! Because they disobey and eat the apple. This was passed down to us every1 on earth . Just like im sure you have thought sometimes my momma had a momma momma momma had a mom her ...and it goes on you will stop at Eve! And the male side Adam! So with going all the way back basicly women:child birth,periods! men:Hard working slave to provide for his family.

    P.S. and i think men or boys do have them own periods just without the bleeding it changes them like in mood or something.

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    one of the first things about being pregnant is missing a period. but some women dont miss a period for a couple months after being pregnant. you can also take an at home test usually more than one is recomended to make sure it is accurate. but ultimatley a blood test at the dr is the most accurate. boys dont have anything like a period unfortunatly the worst they can experience is kidney stones later on in life that feel just as bad as childbirth.

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    sorry to say... boys get nothing even remotely close. it sucks, but theres nothing you can do i guess. and, you can tell if you pregnant if you wait till about 5 days before when your supposed to get your period, and buy a home pregnancy test like, clear blue or first response. if you don't get your period, there is a good chance your pregnant. hope this helps

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    you are too young to even concider pregnancy, you cant even spell it, and their right,

    boys dont get periods, that why they grow up to be jerky insensitive men.

    men get the burden of paying bills and listening to their naggin wives. that sounds pretty bad, lol. dont chA think?

    but physically they dont get much. or any cycle of anything

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    first of all:: that girl below me needs to be a little nicer.

    so what if you spell it.

    its pregnant. but whatever.

    so stop bein a smart a..

    and have a little respect.

    anyways. just take a pregnancy test.

    im not saying anything else..


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    get a pregnancy test. they range in price from 7$ to 25$. you can find one at any pharmacy or walmart.

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    You would not get your period if you were pregnant. You could speak to you school nurse for more details.

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    If you have unprotected sex (without a condom) you have a huge risk of getting pregnant. If you stop having your period you may be pregnant. Good luck sweetie, I hope that you aren't pregnant and please use a condom.

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    Thats gonna be one NUTTY baby lol

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    Buy a pregnancy test. You can do it by yourself.

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