what is the problem btw Chechnya n Russia? is it terrorism act or wartime against rusian government policies?

Anyone know what is the problem btw Chechnya n Russia? is it terrorism act or wartime against rusian government policies? tell me anything u know it will be much of a help. its for a really hard class..thanx

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    So..,you meant Ingushetia?.....Chechnya have no terror agression now btw people or govt,Ingushetia have because from republic of Georgia across mountain roads they enter to Russian Ingushetia,so then they do shoots,but also russian police know location them before they do anything,my friend is ingushetian,he very worry and he like me wants to bomb Georgian Pankissian valley mountain region,because there terror bases where they training,but georgian or usa army dont fight with them,they just close all ways to those region,all know that georgian govt look on those region with blind eyes,they are supportes of world terrorism,so dont worry in Chechnya now such time when all in works in reconstructions,there the soul of new age,when they build their land and want to make them leaders or one of the leader region in South Federal Region of Russia

    So truce make hurt to your western or georgian eyes?..Wtf?...aaa?!......You are supporter of Radical Islam and World Terrorism

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    There is an ongoing war between Russia and Chechen Terrorists (note: the war is not between Russia and Chechnya). The terrorists present it as a war for independence, while all they want is to take full control over this small republic. The Russian troops are in Chechnya to protect the local people from the separatists.

    for more info you can check out wikipedia


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    It's not a war against Chechnya as a country, because such a country does not exist. Rather it's the hunting down and killing of terrorist dogs, that feel the need to establish a "free Chechnya"(read: radical Islamic state). In the meantime, Chechen "freedom fighters" (as western media likes to call them) massacre children, carry out suicide bombings and take hostages.

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