Genetically modified food... unhealthy?

Why is GMF considered unhealthy? Can you provide an explanation to this? Thxs.

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    In August 1998 widespread concern, especially in Europe, was sparked by remarks by nutrition researcher, Dr Árpád Pusztai, regarding some of his research into the safety of GM foods.

    Pusztai claimed his experiments showed that rats fed on potatoes genetically engineered to express a lectin from snowdrop had suffered serious damage to their immune systems and shown stunted growth. The lectin expressed by the genetically modified potatoes is toxic to insects and nematodes and is allegedly toxic to mammals. He was criticized by leading British politicians, the majority of scientific peers with expertise in the area and by the GM companies because the announcement of his results in a television interview, preceded the scientific publication of his results. When his studies were finally published in The Lancet no evidence of stunted growth or damage to immune system was substantiated

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