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alaskan malamutes?!?!?!?

i was given a malamute, from someone that didnt want her anymore cause she wasnt mean enough. (they thought cause she looked mean, shed be mean, they wanted a guard dog. and if u no nothing abt malamutes, there considered gental giants) i was told to get the papers i had to go to the breeder to get them but now they wont give me any information on how to get ahold of the breeder. is it possible to get any kind of papers from a vet. to say if shes all malamute? cause the hole point of getting her was to show her, but with out papers i cant do that. also, are there any free training classes/websites. for malamutes? cause shes a wonderful family dog, but she needs alot of attention. and has the bad habit of jumping on people when shes excited. and im due to have a baby in less then amonth, and i dont want her jumping on me when im holding my son

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    In order to do what you're talking about, she would have to be a registered, pedigreed, show-quality Alaskan Malamute. Not all pure bred dogs are considered to be "show quality". A vet can't just certify that she's full blooded in order for you to get her registered with the AKC. You have to have the registration papers from the breeder, showing her pedigree (who her mother and father were, and that they were also registered Alaskan Malamutes).

    She will need a LOT of exercise and training, and training classes aren't free, as far as I know. You could get some videos that show you how to do it, but I'm not sure you're going to have time to do all this before the baby is born. After the baby comes, you're going to have even less time to spend with her. As much as you'd like to have her, you might want to consider letting her go to a family that will have time to spend with her.

    Source(s): Humane Society volunteer, Malamute owner
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    Do you realize how much a dog show actually costs? It's expensive!


    Obedience is more important. Spend the money for that. You get what you pay for, and nothing comes free.

    About the papers:

    Only the breeder can give them to you. The vet has nothing to do with pure breed dog registration papers.

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