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Ford Bronco good or bad?

How would you rate the Ford Bronco? I am looking at buying a Bronco and was wondering how you felt about it. Let me know any pros or cons you have about or any special featrues it has that other SUVs dont. If you have any suggestions as to a better SUV let me know. I am going lift it up and use it for off roading and on road. So how does it rate? Thanks


I am actually looking at a full sized Bronco, but any thing about the bronco 2 that is good would be good to know also. And if it makes any difference I am actually looking at a 1993. Is there anything particularly good or bad about this year model? Thanks

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    Absolutely no ifs ands or buts dude...Broncos kick ***!. especially full size. I own 3, an 87 eddie, a 88 xlt and a 89 xlt and would never consider getting rid of any of them. They do like to drink when given the ability. 2 of mine have 302's w/ aod trans. they get around 13-16 mpg hwy. both engines and trannies are in very good cond.My other horse has a 351 and a c6 and it gets about10mpg, but she had a pretty hard life before i rescued her. they have the aerodynamics of a sheet of plywood going down the road but, you don't really buy a truck like this for fuel economy. I think the 93-96's were a little better with the E40D tranny. If it has an electric tailgate, that will become a dispized feature shortly after the tailgate rusts through and quits working. I,ve replaced 2 now. But then you get to the go anywhere, do any damn thing at any time you wish part of them...Cant be beat. I'd opt for one with manual hubs and a stick to shift to 4wd. much more dependable than push button and auto hubs. I own both and let me tell you, electrical pieces aren't all that happy if they get wet and full of mud often. and are pretty rich to replace. it is sometimes very inconvienient to get out to lock the hubs and the shifter can be pretty stiff at times but much more dependable. you also get better fuel mileage with manual hubs than auto hubs. I've pulled out blazers, ramchargers, toyotas,( my fiance's stoopid little pathlozer )many times. Yes i've been tugged a couple as well. so really they each have strengths and weaknesses.I'd say the weakest points of mine stock were the I.F.S and the transfercase skidplate. I.F.S rides great and is fairly flexy, but is not quite as strong as a solid axel and is quite a bit more to lift. (Skyjacker 6" kit is awesome) and t-case skidplate sits quite low so it makes a great hanging spot going over big logs or steep hill crests. but a lift and some bigger tires fixes that.A pumped up bronco is a totally different story. My 88 will go where ever I want that isn't completely stupid. It's got a bunch of work done to the 302 (347), a skyjacker 6" susp lift & 2" body kit, detroit locker in the rear& Powerlok in the front, 4:10 gears and 36" hankook dynapro mtrt03's, and a warn 9000lb winch and bumper.I have gone through some insane stuff in this truck to bring buddies home that couldn't make it. Yes mabey there is bigger badder monsters out roaming the bush, but in my bronc's stomping grounds I say prove it!. BRONCO's RULE!

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    The big Broncos are very tough. I had a fleet of 9 of them at a fishing club in the Bahamas, to tow the boats/trailers to the water and back every day. The main roads are terrible, and the dirt roads to get to the water could be 8-10 miles were even worse. Plus the Bahamian guides didn't cut them any slack. Not to mention the fact that the Broncos got dipped in saltwater twice a day. We tried several other vehicle types, like Jeeps and such, but the Broncos outlasted them all by at least twice the usage, and sometimes way more. So if you want an offroad capable, tough vehicle, the Bronco wins, hands down.

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    I had a 1986 Bronco and loved it. The only negative was the really lousy gas mileage with the V-8. The rear seat can be a bit difficult to access if you've got more than 1 passenger. Off roading - it would go just about anywhere.

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    The Big Broncos are gas hogs cause of the V8 engine.

    The Bronco IIs sell good and if you can find one that has been restored it will be ahigh dollar but a good one.

    Look on ebay and find one close to you before you buy anything. Unless ou know the person who has one that you want beware.

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    Are we talking bronco 2 or full size? Get the Bronco 2, drop a 5.0 in it with a good tranny, lift it and put on some meats. Can you sayyyyyy.......sleeper!

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    I think they are good durable vehicles with good reliable drivetrain, they do drink alot of gas if you get the big engines, my engine of choice for the Bronco's is the 302 V8, it's the best economy/performance engine to get.

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    2.. that is 2 for ball joints.

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    From what I've heard it is good.

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