how do i get over a car crash????????

today my mom me and my mom ere going somwhere,while we were goin down the hill me and my mom saw a porch spinning and then my mom said wow.before i knew it they crashed into us,i spraind my wrist nad my moms knee swelled up.i dont jnow ho w my feeling are about it i just cant get over it

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    I know how it is. in 2006, I was in a really bad accident where the city of Boynton Beach police were chasing 4 guys in a crappy car and the 4 guys passed traffic on the right and blew through a red light. The Boynton Beach police used no sirens during the chase or lights. They T-Boned my car and put it into a guard rail. I was like your Mom where my knee really swelled up. My knee has still not recovered completely.

    In terms of getting over the crash, it will take quite a while. It took me at least a year before I felt comfortable in a car again. So, just keep on going. You are really lucky that you only sprained your wrist but I know it is extremely painful.

    Hang in there. And, let your Mom know I am thinking of her. It is the post accident that ends up being the most painful meaning, you have to deal with insurance companies, assure those companies pay the medical bills from that accident, and getting lost wages from the company. You should see all the paperwork involved. It is crazy! How is she making out with the rental car? Did she get that coverage? Let's not start with the adjusters...just make sure they see your Mom's car within 30 days and if they don't make sure she keeps on top of them. They are really bad that way.

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    Its a fact of life if you travel in a car you are going to be involved in an accident and/or have numerous near misses.

    By the sound of it your mother did nothing wrong. You cannot legislate for the idiots on the road.

    I have been involved in numerous high speed collisions over the years (job related) and each time you question your own actions and abilities. Its alway difficult to get back into the drivers seat and do it again. Its even harder when you are a passenger because you have no control during the incident.

    The odds on you being involved in another incident are very low so trust in your mothers ability and make sure you wear a belt. I never put my hands out to stop myself, feet on the dash and hand at the side of the seat .

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    I have been in a school trip accident in the high way , and im pretty young than u think, if this happend not that long ago yea u wont stop thinking of it but after time goes by you'll forget the whole thing happend!

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    It is completely normal to feel "shaken up" over a car accident just give it a few days or a week and you will be back to your normal self only as a lot more cautious of a driver and passenger

    good luck

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  • 1 decade ago

    I feel for you. I've been in a couple crashes and it really does shake you up.

    The very best advice I can give you is to face your fear head on and get in a car and drive(or ride)! That and time will help.

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    I was in an accident when I was a kid. It traumatized me so much that I didn't want to be in a car for a long time.

    I don't know how to get over it, other than allowing time to take its course.

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    Maybe you need to go to a therapist. Look it up online they have many people for that. If you don't feel like you need to go to that extreme then just talk it over with your mom. It will get better over time.

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    simple fo driving get back on the horse. Do u think racecar drivers say that no way just get over it i am used to that feeling it doesnt phase me at all.

    Source(s): I have raced alot never crashed but have spun out before the feeling goes away just keep going
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    just dont think about it think about something else

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