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i need 10 differences between crocidile and aligator ty for help...?

ok i need 10 diffrences between alligators and crocodiles for a project tyvm for ur help...


which 1s bigger?

Update 2:

are they different colors if so what colors?

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    1. Alligators have a U shaped snout. Crocs have a V shaped snout.

    2. Alligators have a wider upper jaw, so when they close their mouths, you see the upper teeth. Crocs have even jaws, so you see both upper and lower teeth when they shut their mouths.

    3. Crocodiles can excrete salt from salt glands on their tongues. Alligators have the structures for this, but lack the ability to use these salt glands.

    4. Alligators are gray-black, crocs are light tan to brown.

    5. Alligators hibernate, crocs don't.

    6. Alligators have integumentary sense organs only around the mouth, while crocs have them all over their body.

    7. Alligators are subtropical, crocs are tropical.

    8. Alligators are freshwater, crocs like brackish and even salt water.

    9. Alligators make nests out of vegetation, crocs lay their eggs in mud or sand.

    10. The alligator gets to about 14 feet, while some species of crocs can reach 19 feet and more.

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    crocodile size: 3-33ft. long up to more than 2,000lbs

    alligator size: up to 20ft long

    crocodile location: tropical areas of Africa, Asia, Australia,the Americas.

    alligator location: U.S, China

    crocodile is the largest of all living reptiles

    crocodile is cold blooded- but can control body temperature by basking in the sun or cooling off in the water

    crocodile communicates with loud roars or by slapping its head on the water surface.

    female crocodile lay up to 90 eggs in pits they dig themselves

    crocodile lower teeth is visible even his mouth closed.

    alligator is a water predator that has hardly changed in 65 million years

    female alligator lay eggs in a mounded nest made from mud and rotting vegetation- rotting vegetation produces heat to keep the eggs warm

    alligator unlike the crocodile, the lower teeth are not visible when its mouth is closed

    alligator only eats when the air temperature is 75-80 F

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    1.Well 1 has a c in their name and the other don't.......

    2.1 has a g in their name and the other don't

    3.1 has an e in their name and the other don't.

    4.1 has a d in their name and the other don't

    5.1 name starts with an a and the other starts with a C.

    6.1 is spelled alligators, and the others not.

    7.1 is spelled crocodiles and the other is not. will bite you hard, but the other will bite you harder.

    9.1 name has two L's back to back and the other don't. has big teeth, but the other has bigger teeth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know that this probably didn't help, but I couldn't help myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL

    PS....I can think of a few more, but you only ask for

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    crocs are more aggressive

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    crock bigger..............diff snout...........

    eight to go

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