What is the process for becoming a certified professional secretary?

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    It looks like it's a certification offered by the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP).

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    which states:

    What qualifications are needed to be approved to take the exams?

    These frequently asked questions will assist you in making that determination.

    Q How much experience do I need to be approved to take the CPS or CAP exam?

    A The amount of experience needed is determined by educational background. An applicant with a bachelor’s degree needs two years administrative experience. An applicant with an associate degree needs three years administrative experience. And an applicant with no college degree needs four years administrative experience. If using a college degree to reduce the work experience requirement, please submit a copy of the degree with your application.

    Q Must all of the experience be complete before I apply to take the exams?

    A CAP exam applicants must have all experience complete and verified at the time they submit their application.

    CPS exam applicants may apply prior to having all experience complete, as long as they are currently working in an administrative position, or are a full-time student in a degree granting program. Business educators with 12 months administrative experience in the past 15 years may also apply for the CPS exam.

    Q If I am currently employed in an administrative position, but have not met all experience requirements, how much time do I have to complete the balance?

    A CPS exam applicants have six years to complete the remaining experience. However, the CPS rating will not be granted until the candidate has fulfilled the experience requirements and submitted verification to the Certification Department.

    Q Is only full-time administrative experience acceptable?

    A No. Administrative experience of at least 20 hours per week is also considered. Each segment of experience must be at least 2 months continuous.

    Q Am I required to be a member of IAAP before taking the CPS or CAP exam?

    A No, though members of IAAP do receive discounts on exam fees and some study materials. Details on all member benefits are on the IAAP Web site (www.iaap-hq.org).

    Q Must I have a college background to take the CPS or CAP exam?

    A No. However, based on your administrative experience, a combination of courses may be helpful. Candidates may need three to six hours of course work at community college level in the areas tested on Parts 1–3 of the CPS and CAP exams. For Part 4 of the CAP exam, 6–9 hours of upper division management courses are recommended (or the equivalent in on-the-job management training courses).

    Q How far back can I go to support my administrative experience?

    A All experience submitted must be within the past 15 years. Also, all experience must be at least two months continuous.

    Q Does all experience have to be with one employer?

    A No. However, total experience submitted must include 12 months continuous with one employer in the past five years.

    Q How is experience verified?

    A Administrative experience should be submitted using the Job Function & Employer’s Statement (included in the Application Packet) or a letter from the supervisor listing dates of employment, job title, and job duties.

    Q Is a resume sufficient documentation of experience?

    A No. A resume provides clarification of work experience history, but does not verify work experience.

    Q If I have proctored the exam may I apply for approval to take the exam?

    A An examination proctor may take the exam after two years have lapsed since proctoring and when all other criteria are met.

    Q What employment verification does a CPS holder need to submit when applying to take Part 4 only of the CAP exam?

    A A CPS holder applying to take Part 4 only of the CAP exam is required to submit only the completed application and fee. No employment verification is needed.

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