OMG!! why r guys so confusing?!!?

ok, so there is this guy who i sorta liked, and i thought he might like me back, but he would always flirt/talk with other girls that were is friends. but last night there was a dance, and he danced w/ at LEAST 6 girls! omg i am so bummed. and the worst part is he's really nice and gets good grades and is smart and stuff, and i liked him 4 not being all popular and caring bout what he wears and junk. but now hes becoming popular cuz hes new and i don't think he will wanna talk anymoer. : ' (. what should i do? do u think i should ask him to dance at the next dance? i don't wanna make things awkward later at school, tho... help!

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    OMG!! why r girls so confusing?!!? sorry, couldn't help it. Not understanding things about the opposite sex is just part of life. Just be nice to him, and at the next dance, ask him to dance, it shouldn't make things awkward. Be friendly, it might lead to something, or it might not. Sounds like you're pretty young, so don't feel like you need to rush things, you've got plenty of time.

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    Act nice around him. ive never met him but the only thing i can say is that if he really liked u he would have danced with you, hung out with you, or even call u. Try to get to know him if u want. Be nice and try to somewhat flirt. if he hints back (like a lot back) then ask him to hag out with u after school. If things work out, ask ur friend to tell him that you like him. Chances are that he may be the one asking u out!

    i went through the same thing with a new guy and now he is one of those cocky stuck up popular guy who every girl chases. Make sure he doesnt turn into that!!!!!

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    i think that if you talk to him and tel him how you feel he mite show his feelings for you and if h dont then their is more boys to come

  • 1 decade ago

    guys are confusing because, well, they're guys!

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    omg!! so are you girls?!!?

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