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What causes a neurogenic bladder and then other neuro.symptoms in a woman in her late 30's?

I am having my third implant put into my back to stimulate the area around my bladder to have the urge to urinate on my own, instead of using catheters all the time. I am also having strange weakness in my hands, legs, plus many memory issues. I fall and lose my balance all the time. Why is it so hard to get help? I feel like I am alone in this, all my health care people either have no clue or they are just sick of dealing with my issues. I try to deal with it but I also worry is this something my young adult children might develop as well as they grow.

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    Here is what I found on webmd that may explain the neuro problems that you are having:

    Polyglucosan Body Disease, Adult

    General Discussion

    Adult polyglucosan body disease (APBD) is a rare, chronically progressive, metabolic disorder with severe neurological expression. It is caused by the abnormal accumulation of microscopic material (polyglucosan bodies), predominantly within the myelinated nerve fibers (motor neurons). The polyglucosan bodies are spherical and composed of large, complex, sugar-based molecules (branched polysaccharides).

    The disorder typically affects both upper and lower motor neurons, resulting from nerve damage within the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system) respectively. Symptoms usually begin during middle age or later and usually include muscle weakness, loss of sensation, and/or wasting of muscles (atrophy) in the arms and/or legs. Impaired bladder control (neurogenic bladder) and/or mental confusion (dementia) also occur.

    For more information you may want to contact the following:

    APBD Research Foundation

    8 West 37th Street


    New York, NY 10018

    Tel: (212)643-1221

    Fax: (212)643-0963



    I wish you well.

    Source(s): webmd
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    No age is "too late", but, depending on what your goals and opportunities are, you may come to find out that the older you get, the harder it is to find someone. It really depends. Basically, the longer you wait, the more chances you take, especially when it comes to having children - biology doesn't wait. I'm not really sure what the big deal is with being married and going to school at the same time - I never found it to be problematic; if anything, being married while in school helped me a lot - it was easier to deal with things as a team than me just being alone.

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