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visual basic急急急

急急急````visual basic點use呀?急急急````visual basic點use呀?急急急````visual basic點use呀?急急急````visual basic點use呀?急急急````visual basic點use呀?急急急````visual basic點use呀?

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    This online tutorial was written based largely on the contents of the book Visual Basic ® 6 Made Easy: A Complete Tutorial for Beginners


    which was written by the author of this website. The objective of making part of the contents of the book available to the public is to provide free tutorial for beginners and intermediate programmers who cannot afford to buy a book.


    Lesson1 Lesson2 Lesson3 Lesson4 Lesson5 Lesson6 Lesson7 Lesson8 Lesson9 Lesson10 Lesson11 Lesson12 Lesson13 Lesson14 Lesson15 Lesson16 Lesson 17 Lesson18 Lesson19 Lesson20 Lesson21 Lesson22 Lesson 23 Lesson24 Lesson25

    Lesson 1: Introduction

    Lesson 2: Building a Visual Basic Application

    Lesson 3: Writing the Codes

    Lesson 4: Working With Controls

    Lesson 5: Managing Visual Basic Data

    Lesson 6 : Working With Variables

    Lesson 7 : Controlling Program Flow

    Lesson 8 : More on Program Control

    Lesson 9 : Looping

    Lesson 10 : Introduction to VB Function Part1

    Lesson 11 : Introduction to VB Function Part2

    Lesson 12 : Creating VB Function For MS Excel

    Lesson 13 : Arrays

    Lesson 14 : Working With Files

    Lesson 15 : Creating Multimedia Applications: Part I

    Lesson 16 : Creating Multimedia Applications: Part II

    Lesson 17 : Creating Multimedia Applications: Part III

    Lesson 18 : Creating Multimedia Applications: Part IV

    Lesson 19 : Creating database applications in VB-Part I

    Lesson 20 : Creating database applications in VB-Part II

    Lesson 21 : Creating VB database applications using ADO control

    Lesson 22 : Creating an Advanced VB database application

    Lesson 23 : Animation- Part I

    Lesson 24 : Animation-Part II

    Lesson 25: Animation- Part III

    From Microsoft:

    http://msdn.microsof/ t.com/vbasic/referen ce/vbasic/default.as px -- Has some videos on VB.NET


    http://vbcity.com/ -- A bit messy, but has good info from beginner to advanced

    http://www.devcity.n/ et/ -- Haven't read it

    http://www.cespage.c/ om/vb/tutorials.html -- Haven't read it

    Do a search on a search engine. Search for

    "Visual Basic 2005 Express" tutorial

    http://www.google.co/ m.au/search?q=%22vis ual+basic+2005+expre ss%22+tutorial&s tart=0&ie=utf-8& amp;oe=utf-8&cli ent=firefox-a&rl s=org.mozilla:en-US: official

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    看過書 用過軟件係唔識

    即使一個熟手用visual basic 在3個鐘頭都係教你一些基本東西

    例如咩叫capition /點用句子來利用工具做到個效果

    一句話係你唔俾錢 又點教你 好多要當面教

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