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java : 點樣可以係條string度搵返哂所有substring 既position????


我要搵mo既 position,

係string 內容係 momomo 既string入面,

佢地既position係 0,2,4,

請問點樣可以搵到0,2,4出來 ??

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    Use indexOf(String str, int fromIndex) method of the String class. It returns the index of the first occurrence of the substring within the searched string, starting from the specified index.

    i = myString.indexOf(substring, 0)

    Begin fromIndex with 0. Every time a substring is found, continue finding the substring by putting i+(length of the substring) to fromIndex

    i = myString.indexOf(substring, i+substring.length)

    Continue until indexOf returns -1, that is, substring is not found.

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