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去年十二月,立法會終於三讀通過修訂《防止殘酷對待動物》條例,將虐待動物的懲罰由原本罰款五千元及監禁六個月,大幅增加為罰款二十萬元和監禁三年。連同較早前四名市民因烹煮狗肉而被判入獄三十天的案件,香港市民對保護動物的意識已提升不少。對此, 我們還可以做的還有很多。

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  • Grace
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    1 decade ago
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    Last December, the Legislative Council finally passed Third Reading "Prevention of Cruelty to Animals," Bill, animal abuse will be punished by a fine of 5,000 yuan originally and imprisonment for six months, a substantial increase is a fine of 200,000 yuan and imprisonment for three years. Together with the earlier four people from cooking vinegar and jailed for 30 days the case, the public's awareness of animal protection has improved a lot. This, we can still do a lot.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Last December, third reading, through revising the regulations of " preventing treating animals cruelly " at last of Legislative Council, the punishment that will maltreat the animal is originally fined 5,000 yuan and imprisoned for six months, increase to and fine 200,000 yuan and imprison for three years by a wide margin. Sentenced to put in prison the cases of 30 days with the top four earlier citizens because of boiling dog's meat, the Hong Kong resident's consciousness to the protected animals has already been improved much. As to this, there is what we can also do a lot of.

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