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B.C. Rich Mockingbird?

I am looking at purchasing a B.C. Rich Mockingbird Special X or a N.J. neckthrough. Has anyone played either or both. The price for either is close to 600$ and I am wondering if the guitar in excellent condition is something that will gain in value or if it will be a loss after I buy it? I really like their sound and actually want a les paul but cannot afford a decent one. I have always wanted a mockingbird....Can someone that has played either let me know what you think???N.J. vs Special X

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The Mockingbird Special is absolutely fantastic. It keeps up with a Les Paul if you ask me, plus not everyone has one which is the cool thing about it. It's very well constructed and sounds great clean and dirty. There are not a whole lot of guitars that sound this good in this price range other than the Schecter C-1's with the actual Seymour Duncan JB and '59 in them. The Rockfield SWV pickups really impressed me. They rival the Gibson Burstbucker Pro for less than half the money. I would seriously think about using these pickups in another guitar as replacements. Hard to beat for $50 each. I say buy it, especially if you find a deal like I found at Guitar Center as a closeout for $499 or possibly a deal on a used one.

  • 1 decade ago

    The newer ones that retail for around $600 will be worth about half that in trade value once you leave the store. I doubt that many people in the future will be coveting the late-2000 Mockingbirds that were made in China. I would advise against buying a brand new one, unless you can get a great deal on one. Older (80's) US Mockingbirds are a sound investment but, cost significantly more than $600. Honestly though who cares, you should be buying a guitar to PLAY not to worry about value!!! Pick up the guitar and ask yourself one question..."Does this make me want to ROCK some faces off??" If the answer is yes, plop down the $$.

    Source(s): I've owned lots of guitars in my life. Some pretty & sweet, some mean & dirty.
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