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How can I contact Cabin Fever Entertainment?

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    I am not sure if they still exist. They used to be a video company that released made for TV films on VHS.

    Wish I knew for I want the documentary they released on Lynyard Skynard.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    How can I contact Cabin Fever Entertainment?

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    The Cabin Fever Entertainment company released the most comprehensive collection of Roach Our Gang talkies of them all, and threw in five silent episodes to boot. All of these prints are complete or nearly complete, and are the best available versions of these films, though early copies have an incomplete version of "Washee Ironee" (no. 131). It should be noted that some VHS releases from Canada are in EP mode. The Cabin Fever prints are now in the hands of Hallmark, who have slowly released some of the titles. I've made a separate page for this company. There have also been numerous bootlegs released containing the Cabin Fever material.

    this is just one part of the research, however there is also a link to their company:

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