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Does Hildale, Utah with the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints seem like sin city?

Why is child welfare not involved?

Are they taking government assistance?

What else can go wrong?

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    It's not the polygamy itself that is a sin. Marriage, TRUE marriage, is never a sin, even if it's two or three wives at the same time.

    I saw an interview by Dr. Phil of two or three ADULT women who were living polygamous marriage and they said, THEY had the power, since it was one of him and more than one of them.

    But, when it involves young girls getting married to old men, when it involves trying to marry as many women as you can, when it involves chasing young men away when they get to marriagable age, to cut down on competition, when it involves abuse of any kind, even spiritual and emotional and mental, THEN it is a sin.

    If a consenting adult man is married to a consenting adult woman, and he wants to marry another consenting adult woman, and his first wife is ok with it, then I don't see why they shouldn't be able to do it. It's better than skulking around, having an affair in secret, etc.

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    This is a very sensitive issue. Generally the State of Utah turns a blind eye to polygamy - only going after those guilty of other crimes (such as spouse or child abuse).

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    all cities are sin cities, because non know gods laws there is no house for god on earth. my pass port came in today headed to isreal, to build the temple,

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    They are a splinter group of the lds church. Just parts of a cult that seperated. They are very confused and spiritually mislead. Just like the lds (mormons).

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    PLEASE remember that these misguided people are not Mormons. Doesn't matter what they claim, the church excommunicates anyone practicing polygamy.

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    allowed to run amuck !

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