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Who will win the NFC South?

All the teams, for lack of a better term, suck right now. Who wins it?

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    Every year since the NFC south started (2002), the team that won finished last the previous year. Also one of the teams in the NFC South went to at least the NFC Championship game, every year since the division started.

    -2002: Tampa won (12-4, won the Super Bowl). Carolina (7-9) finished last.

    -2003: Carolina won (11-5, lost in Super Bowl). Atlanta (5-11) finished last.

    -2004: Atlanta won (11-5, lost in NFC Championship game). Tampa (5-11) finished last.

    -2005: Tampa won (11-5, Carolina (also 11-5) as a wildcard would lose the NFC Championship game). New Orleans (3-13) finished last.

    -2006: New Orleans (10-6, lost NFC Championship game) Tampa (4-12) finished last.

    As you see according to this Tampa should win the division.

    New Orleans needs to defend the deep ball or there gonna be in for a rough year. Their offense also need to get into sinc, and Bush needs to learn how to run between the takles or he's gonna be nothing more than a overhyped slot reciever in the NFL.

    Cardboard boxes are more effective at pass blocking than atlanta's o-line. Petrino is already gettting ready to have Brian Brohm as a Falcon.

    Tampa did well against New Orleans, the most over looked, yet the most important stat was that they gave up no sacks or turnovers. But against Seattle they showed the offensive sluggishness and lack of a pass rush that caused them to go 4-12 last season. BTW Tampa has never lost when Caddilac has 21 or more carries, as he did agaisnt NO.

    Carolina's offense is doing fine, but they shot themselve in the foot, too many times, and squandered a lead against the Texans, who beat them 34-21. They have a string of division games a head if they come out of it with wins they will be in posisition to get a early lead in the division.

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    The Panthers are going to win the South. I have been saying it all summer that the Saints aren’t as good as everyone thinks. And here they are at 0-2. Carolina didnt look to good last week but say what you want....


    Now they might not be as good on Offence now that a #1 weapon is hurt see what happens with that.

    But without Vick Atlanta is trash the Buccs had 1 good game in 2 years and its still early but I still think the Saints are over hyped. If the Panthers can show a little consistency they could be one of the top 3 in the NFC....IF(?) they can be consistent and right now im just as worried about the D as I am the O

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    Well true, none are impressive, but three of them have talent to win ball games, of course excluding Atlanta. If Carolina can get help from Jeremy Bridges to get the run game going (being that Bridges was the starter and got suspended) they could be the best team, but Tampa was pretty impressive last week and New Orleans still has the offensive weapons, they just need to use them correctly.

    I really have no idea who's going to win the division, and it's even harder to say which team is the best, but you can't go wrong picking Carolina and Tampa being that they have the talent needed and pretty weak schedules...(New Orleans has no defense...)

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    Carolina Panthers

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    The way the teams are playing right now? Tampa Bay. First you have that they beat the Saints, then you have that they say after a bad year the Bucs tend to have a good year. This is actually supposed to be a good year for them based on trends.

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    I will go with the Panthers. A much better and rounded team, but they will not win a Conference Championship.

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    Actually the panthers are the better team and they lost by luck last week.When you have steve smith on ya team and getting 183 yards again how can you suck, but the saints and the bucs do suck however, And bush is doin nothin this year and they lost a wide receiver by the name of Joe Horn

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    I still think the Saints will win it.

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    New Orleans.

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