Donovan Mcnabb?

Ok we have all heard his second or third stint into how black QB's are harshly judged. My questions are;

1)Is he a racist who cant stop seeing QB's by color? Why?

2) Is he right black QB's are criticized in more detail and frequency? Why? Examples?

3) Is this race card simply something he plays when his game is not up to par? (He doesnt bring it up when he is on fire)


Which underrated team do you expect to make the playoffs this year and why? (this is your chance to call it early)

Which team, besides the pats will win the super bowl and why? I say besides the pats because anyone who watches football will say them right now and i want people to make the sweet call against the grain.

god bless

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    Dude, McNabb may be a b_itch, but he's no racist. He's saying really what more does he and other black QB's have to do to be considered good QB's in the same breath as Manning and Brady. Listen, I have done this poll with many of my associates and they all agree. Name the top three quarterbacks in the league. Every one of them, 100 people to be exact, and they all picked these players ---

    1. Peyton Manning

    2. Tom Brady

    3. Carson Palmer

    Now tell me why Carson is number 3, despite the fact that his team has never been to the AFC championship under his watch, and McNabb has been to four NFC championship games and a Super Bowl, yet he doesn't even crack the top three. Carson was injured and he still remains at number 3. Why is that?!!! Where Steve McNair?!! Mike Vick?!! Culpepper?!!! Leftwich?! All of these aforementioned quarterbacks have victories over the top three quarterbacks, yet they aren't even in the conversation of great quarterbacks. Why is that?!! Hell, McNair had the best season ever for a black quarterback and he still had to share it with Manning. What?! When Vick had that great run when he broke the rushing record for a quarterback, he didn't even get mention for MVP. What?! C'mon, the facts clearly show that even if Manning had a great statistically year and they don't make the playoffs, he will still get mentioned for M.V.P. But McNabb could go to the Super Bowl and he will still be considered an average quarterback. Hell, check this out!! I asked as a bonus the next two quarterbacks in the league and they all said ---

    4. Ben Roshlesbuger

    5. Matt Hassleback

    What?!! Neither of these guys is black, right?!! Yet McNabb and McNair are even in the mix. For the record, I'm not saying that race has anything to do with performance, but if you look at it from McNabb's point of view, you see why a black quarterback has to do more than a white quarterback. And don't give me that argument about Rex Grossman getting criticized. If Rex was black, he won't be in the league now. Don't believe me --- ask Aaron Brooks!! This argument certainly has legs.

    Vick isn't a good quarterback, but as far as black quarterback, he is a solid player. But black quarterbacks aren’t drafted because they have a cannon arm. That's the message that I think McNabb was trying to say. Black QB's aren't the pocket passers that Manning is, but does that mean that they can't produce like a White QB?!! If you look at wins, Vick's numbers are better than Carson's. But Vick's no Carson when it comes to passing --- he wasn't drafted to be so. Also look at the plight of the black QB nowadays. Look at the black QB's that have come out recently. Brad Smith from Missouri was made into a wide receiver. Isaiah Stanback from Washington was a pretty good option QB turned WR by Seattle. Do you think these guys could have played QB in the NFL?! Black QB's have a short leash and especially if they can't scrabble anymore. Don't believe me --- Bryon Leftwich is a great example of a Black pocket QB that became a statue in the pocket and was replaced by a mobile black QB. Let's face it --- black QB's can't be pocket QB's like white QB's according to McNabb. I'm sure that winning games and being to four NFC Championship games and one Super Bowl and five Pro Bowls can't compare to one Heisman trophy and one AFC playoff appearance. Do the poll for yourself!!! You are a very smart individual and I totally respect your opinion. Thanks for your insight and I hope you debate with me again. Brilliant minds have to stick together.

    The underrated team that will make the playoffs is --- the Houston Texans. Wow, huh!!!

    The team that will win the Super Bowl will be the Dallas Cowboys. Tony Romo will keep getting better and it was just a fumbled snap that kept Dallas from playing the Bears last year. They have upgraded the D, and I think they are extremely hungry right now. Holla ata playa playa!!! Game!!!

    Source(s): Playa's Guide To Pro Football Excellence --- The Franchise!!!
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    1) Mcnabb is not a racist. He was simply stating the obvious. How many white quarterbacks are there in the league that are just garbage? Can anyone say Rex Grossman, Jon Kitna, Eli Manning, Damon Huard!!!!!

    2) He is correct about detail but not frequency. The frequency is not accurate because there are only 6 black starting QB's in the NFL. As far as detail goes let me ask this. How many times does Brett Farve throw into double coverage and gets hailed as a gunslinger?

    3) I don't think race is something that he is bringing up because his game is not up to par. I applaud him for addressing the issue. In a league where 70% of the players are black the percentage of starting QB's is 18%. Can we expand this conversation to include head coaches?

    The problem here is everyone wants to examine Black America today vs. Black America 50 years ago. There is no question that progress has been made but I challenge everyone to examine Black America today vs. White America today. How far have we come as a society?

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    I don’t think it’s a race’s a style thing and a winning thing.

    Imp white and don’t really like when ppl play the "race card" either but I don’t know what its like to be black. But how can some one like Donavan McNabb play the race card when he has been given so much. But no I don’t think he is a racist.

    I don’t think that he disserves all the criticism he has been getting. He can’t be expected to throw the ball 30+ times a game coming off a major knee injury.

    But as for Black and White QB thing as much as it is a QB that can through the ball that can scramble if need be compared to a Running QB how automatically scrambles and then throws. Look at QB (and I don’t want to use Brady and Manning b/c they can do no wrong) like Palmer and even Jeff Garcia compared to QB like Vick, McNadd, Colpepper and Arron Brooks (what happened to him by the way?) The latter are "difference makers" and are expected (perhaps unfairly) to "make things happen" with their feet then their arms. It also has to do with winning if he was 2-0 we wouldnt be havving this disscution and he would be the comeback player of the year.

    And for the 3rd part like i said I dont think he should be asked to carry the team again after coming off a major knee injury.

    But I think The Lions and the Panthers will win their divisons and make the playoffs. And Indy will repeat.

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    Donavan may not be a racist but he does believe that the white man is putting the black man down. He does use the whole black issue as an excuse to cover the fact that he is not playing good football.

    He needs to take a look at all the quarterbacks in the league, and see who the media is tough on. Rex Grossman is always under the radar for not playing well, Charlie Frye was all but castrated for not playing well and J.P Losman has been made out to be worse than anyone in the league.

    McNabb just needs to get over it and spend more time trying to improve his game and less time worrying about everyone else. Vinny Testaverde probably has some pointers for him.

    The most underated team would probably be the Texans.

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    Donovan McNabb has always been an overrated QB and never suffered a day because he's a black QB. He's gotten his $100 million contract and lives his life in a neighborhood surrounded by rich people black and white.

    There are six black head coaches in the NFL. All of them have white quarterbacks. There are six black quarterbacks in the NFL. All them have white coaches.

    Name me a QB that gotten extra crap put on them bacause they are black? You can't. Payton Manning was also know as the great QB who couldn't win the big game, before he finally did it. It's a bunch of crap.

    Donavan has been again overrated and under performed for greatness. He's an above average quarterback no doubt, but he is not great. He does not stand with Warren Moon, Dan Marino, Brett Favre, John Elway or Joe Montana. He's not even as good as Randal Cunningham was.

    He plays in town that has boo'd third basemen Mike Schmidt - probably the greatest third basemen to play the game. He career is in jeopardy with Phillie. He's gotten the big money, the great team and failed to win the superbowl. Now they have a young kid they believe is their future and may be ready to move on from McNabb who has been injured in part of the last three seasons. Kobb might be ready to step in and go for it.

    It's life in the NFL and it's not racism. Is McNabb a racist? NO. Did he make a mistake using the race card? Oh YEAH. Life goes on. People say things they shouldn't. Let's move on.

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    1) I dont think he's a racist at all. I think he is just very ignorant and was raised to use his race as an excuse any time white people " are picking on him".

    2) I think he is dead wrong. Granted, I wouldnt be surprised to find some bigots that are sports casters but their job is to critize. You dont hear Eli Manning cry racism everytime he gets bashed by Tiki Barber.

    3) McNabb is a very selffish player and he doesnt want to take reponsibility for his own actions and for some reason he is in denial about how bad he is. Other words yes your rights.

    4) I am thinking the 49ers will get in.

    5) I have never said it was going to be the Pats my pick for the Superbowl is, was, and will always be the Baltimore Ravens, end of story.

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    My answers are

    1) Yes. I don't know why he can't though. Why does he compare himself to Peyton? Why Palmer, who is rebuilding a joke in Cincy? Last why does he think no one should say anything when you look at how low his passer rating is?

    2) No. Ask Rex Grossman and Eli Manning. It is about the CITY you are in. Was Vick being treated badly? Sure WE complained about him and said he was a bad QB, BUT the MEDIA talked about how he was such an exciting player. They tried to make him out to be BETTER. Sure he was bad as a QB BUT could run and that was good enough to the media. I don't remember Kordell Stewert really facing the complaints. What about Warren Moon?

    3) Yeah. He has basically peaked in Philly and thinks he can make them feel guilty if they complain about him. Not very bright. They don't like you if you aren't winning and winning LEAGUE Championships and they feel no shame in letting you know.

    As to the other team that COULD win, right now I'm a Steelers fan and have to say our D has looked great. Yeah I think our offense still needs to find it's rhythm. Yet by the time of the playoffs the offense will be comfortable with what it is. Now one could argue we haven't played real teams yet BUT they gave up 7 points to the Browns(who then scored 51 on the Bengals) and gave up 3 points to the Bills. The D has 10 sacks already(6 in week 1, 4 on the Bills). So yeah a fan makes me biased but you have to admit that the Defense looks that strong.

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    Rightly or wrongly, anyone can see a race issue anywhere and anytime. Rush Limbaugh saw something, and called it on the air, then lost his job over it. McNabb won't lose his job over this, and that does not mean there is a double standard.

    There is only one standard to hold players to, and that is winning. Stats will point to an ability to win, but they are not the standard. Quarterbacks in general are the most criticized player on the field, and rightly so. They are in charge of the offense, and have the ball in their hand every play. If you can't handle the criticism, change position or get out of the game.

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    McNabb is yesterday's news.

    Underrated team: Redskins (and I hate saying that)

    Superbowl team: Dallas (that's why I hated saying Redskins). Not sure how Tank will work out, but hopefully he can help in the second half of the season. Their defense is iffy right now, but that will probably change. They're the best team in the NFC right now.

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    Mcnabb Sucks!!!

    Steelers Win!!!

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