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Everyday of the week and twice on Sunday? (What does it mean?)?

What exactly does this phrase mean? I've heard or seen it in a lot of places, whether it's referring to a band being better than another, some cheesy romantic line, or Stone Cold telling Mike Tyson, "I'll kick your butt any day of the week, and twice on Sunday?" What does "twice on Sunday" mean?

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    It dates back to the old vaudeville days, when performers would do shows "every day of the week and twice on Sundays." Shows used to cost a nickle way back when, and there would be a dozen performers splitting the profits with the manager and the house, so the more shows, the more money.

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    it means that you would like doing something so much that you would commit yourself to it everyday, and putting more insult to injury twice on sunday~

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    The expression may have referred to the frequency of Church attendance and was then extended to refer to the frequency of any activity.

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