Symantec's norton internet security 2007 problem?

This morning I was going to used the computer for about 5 minutes, but NIS 2007 had a problem. Have been on 6 hours. I followed instructions but had to ring symantec, the programe has been deleted twice today, one of them did it on my computer. The only thing not working is Symantec's norton internet security 2007, they cannot cure the problem, but want me to pay them to remove tracking cookies which cannot be the problem.

If Norton internet security cannot cope with tracking cookies then it is useless.

They can't help, can you?


It is not a great problem at the moment automatic updates aren't working, can still get updates, spyware protection isn't working, had and still have good spyware protection before Norton ever did it. But I paid for it and I've a right to have it working. It is only in my account on the computer that it has failed.

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    Us AD-ADAWARE by Lavasoft (it is FREE for the Basic version). Microsofts Windows DEFENDER (FREE from the Microsoft Download page) and AVG as a VIRUS CHecker (FREE). I have used Norton Products for years and have Norton 2007 Internet Security on now, I cannot wait for November when my Subscription runs out as the product I have mentioned "Nasties" on my computer that Norton Misses. On the plus side Norton usually fins "LOW" Graded items such as Tracking Cookies. I would check your settings and upgrades before you do any more.

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    Norton products ( or should i say symantec are useless - believe me i have inside information). There are plenty of freeware products that are much better and don't cost a thing.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Norton sucks. Get a different antivirus program.

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