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    Why don't you use English to return your emails?

    Children would become too extreme when they are grown up if their behaviours, mortals and values are not properly taught and their wrong doings or mistakes are not properly rectified.

    Why are some people afraid of specking English?

    Company would compute based on proportion accordingly.

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    Sorry, wrong spelling of "specking" typing too fastShould be "Why are some people afraid of (speaking) English?

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    Why not use English to cover the T/T reimbursement back and forth?


    Know and make the good extreme after the child grows up, if does not irritate and have correct thought and values and correct his mistake when being young.


    No to bet English that why is some people?


    The company will calculate pro rata

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    Why not return emails in English?

    Children would grow up rather extremely if they are not taught to behave properly, choose the correct ways of thinking and rectify their wrong doing.

    Why people afraid to speck in English?

    Company will count/calculate accordingly to the ratio.

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    點解唔用英文來回覆電郵. Why not use English to reply e-mails?

    當孩子成長後會變得好極端, The child will grow up to be rather extreme,

    如果年幼時不灌設正確的思想同價值觀 if proper moral and value are not set strictly when young,

    及糾正他的錯誤, and to correct his mistakes.

    為什麼有些人唔敢講英文, Why are certain peoople afraid to speak English?

    公司會按比例計算 The company will calculate according to proprotion

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