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回憶起以前的生活,她有感而發的說:『當初老是擔心在女兒的舊鞋穿壞之前,不知有沒有錢幫她買下一雙新鞋?』,她老愛窩在住家附近的尼可森咖啡館裡,沒錢點餐的她,總是點上一杯卡布奇諾,待女兒熟睡之後,便拿出一疊稿子和一枝黑筆,寫下哈利波特的故事,女兒睡多久,她就寫多久。 想到此,她笑說,剛開始時,咖啡館的人還用很奇怪的眼神看著她,漸漸地也習慣了她,有時還會同情她,請她喝杯免費的咖啡呢。不過他們一直都認為她是一個喜歡在紙上亂寫東西的怪人。

  提到剛寫完《哈利波特第一集》時的窘境,羅琳還是會習慣性地看著自己的手指。那時因為沒有錢去影印稿子,所以只好自己用打字機一個字母一個字母的key in成厚厚的兩大本書稿。 但要將書寄給誰呢? 沒出過書的羅琳,乾脆跑到圖書館翻閱《作家和藝術家年鑑》,在眾多的名字中,光憑喜歡里特(Little)這個充滿童趣又可愛的姓,如此簡單的一個理由,就決定將一部份的稿子寄給克里斯多夫‧里特(Christopher Little)。 倚賴想像力和靈感過日子的羅琳,戲劇化的挑選了和未來的命運息息相關的經紀人。 她說,這一輩子收到最棒的信便是里特先生回覆的那封信。信上寫著:『我很期待能夠看到您完整的作品。』這封信甚至比任何一封情書都還要讓她感動,她說:『這封信,我看了足足有八遍以上。』


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    Recall the life before, she made a comment out of personal feeling, "I was always worry whether I have money to buy my daughter a pair of new shoes before the old ones wear out?" She loves to stay in the Nickson Cafe near home; she did not have money for a meal, so she always got a cup of cappuccino, take out a stack of manuscript and a black pen after her daughter slept and start writing the story of Harry Potter as long as her daughter was asleep. To here, she said with smile, at the beginning, people in the cafe would look at here weirdly, but the slowly used to her, and sometimes sympathize her, and treat her with a cup of free coffee, but they always thought that she is a weirdo who like to write weird things on the papers.

    She mentioned the adversity after she just finished first volume of Harry Potter, Rolin still will look at her fingers regularly because she did not have the money to copy the manuscripts, therefore, she could only type it letter by letter by herself with a typewriter, and became two big stack of book draft. But whom should she mail the book to? Rolin never had a book published, so she just go to the library and read "Writer and Artist Yearbook", and within the huge amount of names, because the reason that she like the last name "Little", a cute last name, she mailed part of the manuscript to "Christopher Little. Rolin who rely on imagination and inspiration, dramatically pick the agent who connects with her future tightly. She said the best letter she ever received was the reply from Mr. Little. The letter said, "I expect to read the complete work of yours very much." This letter even touch her more than other billet-doux she received. She said, "I read this letter more than eight times."

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    "I always worry that if I have money buy the new shoes for my daughter before her shoes go bad" said she,when she thought what life has been before.

    She like to be reluctant to part from the Nixon Cafe nearby home,the poor she,no money to order an meal,usually only order a Cappuccino started to write the story of Holy Porter with a pen and papers after her daughter dropped asleep.

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