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Oh crap. I uninstalled several programs today..now I have no SOUND. How do I (more)?

How do I reset my settings to what was working yesterday?? I know there's a way to do it!!

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    What you did could have been what caused the problem, if you uninstalled a sound card or sound driver (these programs you can lose if you deliberately or accidentally erase a hard drive.

    run a system restore that is dated prior to the date you uninstalled the programs. Go to Start- Go to All Programs- Go to Accessories- Go to System Tools- Click on System Restore- Click on Restore my computer to an earlier time.- Click on next- Pick an appropriate date- click next and then follow directions from there. Hope this helps, if not do check volume settings and speaker hook-ups.

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    Restore to before you did this.

    Then be more careful about removing programs

    Restoring the Computer to an Earlier Operating State

    NOTICE: Before you restore the computer to an earlier operating state, save and close any open files and exit any

    open programs. Do not alter, open, or delete any files or programs until the system restoration is complete.

    1 Click the Start button, point to All Programs→Accessories→System Tools, and then click System


    2 Ensure that Restore my computer to an earlier time is selected and click Next.

    3 Click a calendar date to which you want to restore your computer.

    The Select a Restore Point screen provides a calendar that allows you to see and select restore points.

    All calendar dates with available restore points appear in boldface type.

    4 Select a restore point and click Next.

    If a calendar date has only one restore point, then that restore point is automatically selected. If two or more restore points are available, click the restore point that you prefer.

    5 Click Next.

    The Restoration Complete screen appears after System Restore finishes collecting data and then the computer restarts.

    6 After the computer restarts, click OK.

    To change the restore point, you can either repeat the steps using a different restore point, or you can

    undo the restoration.

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    Restoring settings and Uninstalling are two different things. You have the driver disks? And there shouldn't be any programs that would totally ruin your sound. I'd check the cables.

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    If you're lucky, system restore will fix the problem. More details at: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/306084

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