Science Fair 10 points?

need science fair project great award winning complicated detailed I've got about 4 months chemistry energy not involving living things

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    OK - not sure it is very complicated- but here is a great idea.

    The Electrolysis of Water.

    Everyone knows that water is the most common thing on earth and it is made up of two chemical compounds - Hydrogen and Oxygen (H20) 0 two atoms of hydrogen for every one of oxygen.

    By using a good battery to charge the water, you can separate the compounds and prove that it is H20.

    When the electrical charge is given in the water, the water will separate into the two gases. You can use two test tubes to capture the gases. The negative charged ion will have the oxygen and the positive charge ion will have the hydrogen (I believe - you will need to check on which it will be).

    To prove the gases are there is simple. Take the oxygen one out and light a match and placed it in the opening of the tube. The flame will glow very brightly.

    For the second one, be careful Hydrogen is lighter than air so - keeping the test tube upside down, the trapped gas will be in the tube. Now do the same thing with the match under the opening - but be careful! Hydrogen is very flammable so - when you place the open match flame - you will get a nice quick sound POP!

    This is a simple but effective project. Requires a large size tub for the water - a good beam light battery or larger - two nails or similar object for the electrodes - water - and the test tubes.

    Read up on the process first. Practice it to make sure your demo works. Do a good write-up on the chemical composition of water. As a sideline - talk about the practical application if we could use the electrolized water to trap the hydrogen and use the hydrogen to run our cars. (Currently hydorgen-power cars are being investigated by the automakers).

    Hope this info helps.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Seems like if someone here gives you an award winning idea, they should get the award, not you.

    Part of the scientific method is observation and hypothesis. Which is exactly what you need to do. Learning to think for yourself is the most important lesson you will ever learn.

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  • 4 years ago

    You can explain how a cow's stomach absorbs food by buying a cow's stomach from the market (yes, they sell those, especially in Asian supermarkets) and a little bit of research. This project helps to explain how cells absorb energy. The comparison of differences between the male and female minds (right-brained, left-brained) by conducting tests is also a good idea.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Here are a few weather topics to think about..

    Good Luck.

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