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I hate the term "pit bull"?

I hate that a bunch of different dog breeds are lumped into one category, and called 'pit bulls.' And it isn't a very defined term either. It includes the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier for sure. But some people also include the American Bulldog, Bull Terrier, and Miniature Bull Terrier. And some people also include any other dog breed who might resemble a 'pit bull' or any mixed breed who looks like a 'pit bull.' So it is subjective. I think it creates a lot of confusion. I often refer to my American Pit Bull Terrier as a Pit Bull because it is easier for me, and Pit Bull is actually in the breed name, and it is not in the others.

When you hear the word "pit bull" what do you think of? And do you think that the term causes confusion?

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    Most of the time I absolutely cannot stand to hear someone say "pit bull", it really all depends on who is saying it and how it's being used. I always tell people "pit bull" is NOT a breed! It's a term used to group three breeds, American Pit Bull Terriers (APBT), American Staffordshire Terriers (AmStaff) and Staffordshire Bull Terriers (Staffie).

    Breeds like American Bulldogs, Bull Terriers and Mini Bull Terriers are thrown in there every now and then, but not very often. There are also 25+ breeds that are commonly mistaken as "pit bulls". A lot of people have no idea what a "pit bull" even looks like, much less what a "pit bull" is!

    My husband and I own three APBTs and we do call them "pit bulls" sometimes because, like you said, it's easier and the breed we own actually has "pit bull" in it, but I only say "pit bull" when I'm talking to people that know that "pit bull" is just a term used to group APBTs, AmStaffs and Staffies. If I'm talking to someone I don't know I always say that we own three American Pit Bull Terriers. It is just a lot easier to say "pit bull" instead of APBT. When I'm talking about American Staffordshire Terriers I just say AmStaffs and when I'm talking about Staffordshire Bull Terriers I just say Staffie. As for the American Bulldogs, Bull Terriers and the Mini Bull Terriers, I normally just call them that. When I say bull breeds I'm talking about all of the bulldog breeds..

    What is even more aggravating is when people say pit bull and on top of it, they spell it wrong! People say Pitt Bull, Pitbull, Pittbull, Pit-Bull, Pitt-Bull, etc! It just drives me crazy!

    As someone else already said, it's not the term "pit bull" that makes me mad. As I said, when I'm talking to people that know what "pit bulls" are, I call my dogs "pit bulls". What I can't stand is ignorant people calling every dog with muscles and a wide head, a "pit bull"! Most of our friends and family own APBTs, AmStaffs and/ or Staffies, my husband and I have grown up around these amazing breeds and when people that own these breeds call them "pit bulls" it doesn't bother me because I know that they know that their dog is actually an APBT, an AmStaff or a Staffie. Does that make sense? lol!

    Source(s): Proud owner of three wonderful American Pit Bull Terriers and "pit bull"/ so-called "dangerous" breed advocate! : )
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    Confusion is definitely created because so many news stories and articles often wind up calling a dog that isn't even a bully breed MIX, a "pit bull" or "pit bull type dog". So in that sense, I hate not only how the term is used, but how laws are being made to ban and dictate regulations (like mandatory muzzling) for dogs that are not dangerous just because of their breed or some nebulous determination of what they "look like".

    What is also confusing is how the same dog can be registered both as an American Pit Bull Terrier through ADBA or UKC and then be registered by AKC as an Am-Staff.

    What I hate to see is when someone owns an Am-Staff and they want to say their dog is different from an APBT in a way that insinuates the pit bull is bad but the Am-Staff is "better".

    When I hear "pit bull" I think of a clownish, gentle, loyal breed of dog that is very affectionate. That's because I own one. Before I did, I was kind of afraid of them because of what I had heard. I had a lot of mis-conceptions about the breed which I absolutely adore now.

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    That is interesting. I always thought that "pit bull" was the common name for the American Staffordshire Terrier; that particular breed looks to me like a "pit bull'. I am not savvy about pitbull-related breeds (and Amber, it's not stupidity; what a hostile and ignorant thing to say) but I would never mistake a bulldog for a pit bull.

    It is confusing. I'm still scared of them, though. Retrievers are more my speed, though I've heard of retrievers who were aggressive dogs. Pit bulls need some good PR to counteract all the bad press. You can't blame people for

    being scared of them, with the stories they hear. I used to

    Is there any organization devoted to promoting the Pit Bull? There are all kinds of clubs for owners of different dogs. Just an idea :)

    I used to be scared of Rottis, but then I met a few and they can be sweet dogs.

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    Personally, I think of APBT when I hear 'pit bull', but then again, I'm a groomer and I've been working with dogs for years, so I actually know my breeds. :-)

    I think the mixup boils down to ignorance. People see any short, stocky, muscular dog, with short hair and an blocky head, and think, oh, that dog must be a pit bull. Someone posted a quiz up here once, it had photos of about 50 different dogs, only ONE of which was a true pit bull, and the rest of which were dog breeds commonly mistaken for pit bulls. It made a very good point, people just don't know. And with all the media hype, they are more than willing to jump to conclusions. My boyfriend has a 25lb Boston Terrier and people call HIM a pit bull! He looks closer to a pug than a pit. It's crazy.

    Make more friends who are involved in the dog world- it keeps you from going insane when you deal with the ones that aren't. In my world, there are Pits, Staffies, Am-Staffs, etc. If anything, the proper blanket term for that group is the bull or bully breeds. Trust me, there are sane, rational, intelligent dog people out there. And the rest... well, the rest can just continue to cower when a 15lb mini bull terrier walks by, and we can laugh at them.

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    I look at the American Pit Bull as such but other bulls are easy to confuse for the Pit Bull.For the people who believe the Pit to be such a horrible dog, The dog is only as well behaved as he has been raised.They need lots of love, a firm hand, close watching, and understanding.I despise anyone that uses these dogs for hog hunting or fighting. Anyone that uses any type of dog for these things and I wish they would all get caught and severely punished.

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    Pit Bull, capitalized, is for the APBT, 'pit bull' in lower case is for the large family developed from the original bull dog lines. Including: american bulldog, American Staffordshire terrier, APBT, Staffordshire terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, Bull terrier, Miniature bull terrier, bullmastiff(sometimes because the 'bull' part is from this line). NOt to mention that english bulldogs, pugs, and french bull dogs come from this line...just mini-versions. I'm going to start telling people who hate bullys that last part..."hey, pugs come from the same descendants, do you hate them" (haven't met many people with an ignorant fear of pugs) Obviously, the pug is a totally different dog, and I don't believe they came from the lines that were bred to fight in the 17th century.

    Source(s): Just rescued a bully off the streets, and have been doing TONS of research, both from people and the web.
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    I think of the American Pit Bull Terrier....a wonderful,loving,loyal and very misunderstood breed!!!! I have an APBT and when talking to other knowledgeable dog people will refer to him as a "Pit Bull'......I wish the media would find another breed to pick on for awhile.....havent we been in the line of fire enough ?attacks that are blamed on "pit bulls" are usually not found to be a true APBT but some backyard bred and raised(on a chain)mix that just happens to be stocky...may have a big head and 9 times out of 10 will be brindle.....go give your APBT a hug and kiss from me and tell em I love em all!!!!!

    Source(s): APBT rescue and owner
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    I think it adds a lot of negative stigma to the breed. The work PIT BULL.

    Recently an attack a scrolling headline on the news said "Pit Bull Attack" then the reporter came on and said a 3yr old Bullmastiff attacked a lady. The dog was killed but injured both people and the lady's arm is nearly gone. Sure she said Bullmastiff but people remember what they read. Also on some newspaper headlines you read "Pit Bull Attack" in big bold letters and after reading the article it was a Boxer, Bulldog, or mastiff attack. What about the people who only see the headline and don't read the article? All they know is Pit Bull attack and not really the truth.

    When I hear Pit Bull I think of an APBT, but take into consideration that AST and SBT are also considered pit bulls by many. I usually almost always refer to my dogs as APBT and not just simply Pit Bull so that there is a distinction.

    What PAPAW said is just ridiculous......

    Quote"AKC or CKC registered Pit Bulls are a hybrid cross between the Straffordshire Bull Terrier and the American Bulldog. Their breeding history is a negative in that they are bred to be vicious and to fight. They well live up to their reputation. Statistically, they are involved in more biting incidents, more attacks and killings of other dogs and people than any other dog. They are a ticking time bomb. What is deceptive is that they may appear to be gentle and loving for a long time, but their territorial instincts and inbred ferocity cause them to "break bad" with almost no provocation. Best bet is to steer clear of them."

    AKC dogs are not a hybrid of anything (I think you mean crossbreed which they are not as well). The American Staffordshire Terrier is bred from American Pit Bull Terriers, it was never outcrossed to anything let alone the American Bulldog.

    Ameican Bulldogs and APBTs have been here for a long time, but the APBT was 1st accepted as a breed (UKC in 1898) where the AB has taken longer (UKC in 1999 more then a 100yrs after). The AST was AKC accepted in 1936. From there APBTs were dual registered with the AKC and never outcrossed.

    Most AB breeders continued to breed just for working and didn't want recognition. Also some AB breeders bred APBTs into their lines if you research some of the performance lines. Some of them would register a litter from an AB female to an APBT male as just Ameican Bulldogs. You need to research breed history before you spout off non sense.

    The AST was except in 1936 and all that was registered with the AKC were APBTs who were dual registered as AST. This includes Petey of the Lil Rascal and many other Tudor and Colby APBTs, and thats all. No where in the pedigrees do they ever have SBT crossed to ABs. Most of the AKC dogs are bred strickly for show, that is why some people believe they are almost a different breed after almost 70yrs of separate lines. However some people breed the dual registered dogs AKC/UKC and breed them together.

    The AST became extremely typy in looks and continued to be bred for looks not fighting!! Unlike the APBT who continued to be bred for fighting and working. However there might be a few dogs here in there with AST that are fighting dogs, very rare but no impossible. Most will not take a dog with Staff blood for fighting and its been that way for decades.

    Regardless of if there is fighting history (which obviously if they came from APBT there would be) that really has nothing to do with them being dangerous. Since their dog fighting past has made them so trustworthy around humans.

    Human aggressive APBTs would be culled as a man biter would be extremely dangerous to handle. Some breeders believed they were all curs if they were man biters. You have to trust them with the referee, when handling, if they fang themselves and aftercare. Not very many dogs will let you touch and work on them when they are all tore up like the fighting APBTs would. Most would bite you out of fear and pain.

    If you watch the Lil Rascals show Petey shows what a real APBT is like. He was also dual registered as an AST with the AKC. He never harmed those children and was an actor in other affairs. Also he was bred for fighting but never "attacked with no provocation". His sire was a grand champion fighting dog Tudor's Black Jack who can be seen in many AST pedigrees.

    I have had APBT and AST/ABPTs and the ticking time bomb is just not true. Sorry to disappoint you but while many are still alive (the oldest in my home is 15yrs) there are those who passed at 10-16yrs and never harmed any person/animal. They weren't at all deceiving with their loving nature, towards my family and other animals.

    Source(s): Books, pedigrees, old timers, many year experience in owning/handling/raising/training APBTs.
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    Two years ago I wouldn't have any idea what to think when you said Pit bull. since then I have gotten a rott pit mix rescue and I have gotten educated about bully breeds. (don't panic, I had a lot of experience with strong wills and smart attitudes in dogs, just not bully breeds specifically)

    I don't really take issue with the term "Pit bull" I take issue with the connotation the word has but I see Pit bull as not really different from "hound"

    someone says "I have a hound" or "I have a pit bull" you say "Really? What kind?"

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    I think of the American Pit Bull Terrier when I hear 'pit bull'

    I think most dog savvy people understand that too.

    Unfortunately, non-dog people usually think any dog resembling an American Pit Bull Terrier is a "pit bull".

    All of the bully breeds, Rottweilers, mastiff types, Rhodesian ridgebacks, Dogo Argentino, vislas, patterdale terriers, and Catahoula Leopard dogs are usually taken as "pit bulls"

    I even had my Jack Russell terrier mistaken as a pit bull one time. So really anyone can mistake any dog for a pit bull. Plus people are more likely to pay attention when the headlines scream PIT BULL ATTACK. People think of them as big, mean, vicious animals. It makes for good news. I doubt many people would be interested to hear about a 'chocolate labrador attack' or 'yorkie attack' ...the news media really blows things out of the water if you ask me.

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