How can you find out if your doctor has a malpractice suit against them?

I just had major abdominal surgery in August and have not had a post op my appt was canceled with no information I was told that same day that the doctors office was closeing and that the doctor was not seeing anymore patients that I would have to find another doctor they were closeing the doors effective imediatley and I could come get my records with in the next week or so. Now rumores are spreading in my city that there is 3 to 4 malpractice suits against her how do I find out? I live in Arkansas if that helps.

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    Hoo-boy... not good. Normally, docs leave the practice with notice to patients, who are also provided with an alternate colleague. This is unusual. Strongly suggest you contact the docs disciplinary/licensing body ACP Arkansas with your concerns. Some official there who deals with public inquiries/complaints will be able to advise.

    Stay close by your rumor mill, which will certainly tell you faster than the courts whether your doc is guilty of malpractice. In Canada, at least, docs are represented by lawyers appointed by their insurer (the absolute wiliest), and thy fight each claim to the highest court. It means it takes a LONG time to get a final judgment.

    In your case, you need to let the College (ACP) know your circs in the event there is an investigation proceeding and you're a party with evidence. Hope not.

    Good luck.

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    You can go down to the local county court house and check the records. Law suits are public documents so you have the right to see them. Most states have the records available to the public by electronic means. You probably cannot see them on-line, but they clerk's office will have a computer available to see the docket at the court house.

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