Is sexy hip swaying optional when you walk?

I was walking behind two women tonight at little leage and noticed that one had significantly more of a sexy hip swaying going on than the other. Is this something you turn off and on? Is it more of what she was wearing or the shoes?


Truly Madly Deepley & dinOgal: I didn't even connect my name to the question LOL

xox13a13yd01: I mentioned where I was because it was true. I was taking my son to his little leage game and it was actually a totally platonic minded question and I thought the context of where it happened would portray that.

arkiemom: sounds like a curse and a blessing :)

To all for further clarification:

This was a mom on her way to her son's t-ball game too so she wasn't looking to strut it or pick up men. She didn't know I was back there. I didn't know to look and see what kind of shoes she was wearing either.

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    For some it's their natural stride, for some it's intentional and can be turned on or off...sometimes it occurs out of physical issues that cause that stride to be more comfortable, and perhaps shoes have an effect (they do change our center of gravity and the way we stride).

    I can sway or not's simply a matter of placing one's feet forward when walking, or placing one foot directly in front of the other, which causes the hip to stick out when that foot goes forward. The more we step in front of or even across the other foot, the more sway there will be.

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    It's confidence. I have a natural sway. I've been told I have a sexy walk, but I am just walking not intentionally trying to walk sexy. I've been told by men and women that they recognize me by my walk.

    I wear an USAF uniform with combat boots and the walk is the same as when I am in my service uniform with heels. Been walking like this since I've been able to walk. My hips do not sway when I am marching, though. LOL!

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    It depends. The shoes could have something to do with it. Or it could just be her style. Or maybe she WAS throwing it around a little for somebody's benefit... I tend to think that everybody has the ability to exagerate their walk, but some people just naturally walk with more swing than others. I worked with someone once who walked that way... she was not a tall person, so she took long strides, and tended to walk on her toes... so she had a lot of sway going on... She could flaunt it more if she wanted (I saw her do that too), but even her normal walk was a lot more strut than most women.

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    I've been accused of the exaggerated hip sway before. The problem is - I have a fusion of the lower lumbar spine that causes it. Don't read too much into it. I wish I could turn it off sometimes.

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    It's funny that your name is "SWAY" it fits the story.

    but anyway

    Women have different walks. It very well could be the shoes. Maybe one of the ladies wanted certain attention from someone. You never know. But when it's fake, it's obvious.

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    did you pick your question to suit your name? ;p

    i'd say sometimes it's the shoes. try putting on a pair of killer heels and see if that makes your hips sway. ;)

    but sometimes it's on purpose, and then you do it too often it becomes natural.

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    women walk how they want to if they want to be sexy then they will but if they are at lesiure and there are'nt any hot guyz around then they will just walk regular

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    Its just the way you walk. Most girls can't help it when they sway their hips.

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    No.....we do that so you can check us out! Simple as that....a girl though could have big hips....but we can control the sexy walk!

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    well, if she's wearing very tall high heels, that could be the cause

    if not, then she could just be doing it to feel sexy

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