poss cs < 1 gr Collin County TX what charge does it carry?

july 2007 poss cs < 1 gr.

I'd like to know what this charge carries. I have 1 prior, 1996 felony2 robbery, (it was a theft turned into a robbery after they said I fought with the security guard.) I did 7 years probation, it was revoked in the 6th year (no new charges), and 2 years prison time, no parole. How do I go about getting a court appointed lawyer? Will probation be offered or will I have to ask for it? Can they use my prior against me? Thanks for the insight

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    1 decade ago
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    no help here....stay out of trouble!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    Well when I answered your question before, I didn't know where you lived. Normally you would get out on bond, slapped with a fine and probation when you went back for court. But, they do look at priors, although you cannot be tried twice for the same crime. I still think you might have to do some time in jail. After this one, get out of trouble and stay out of it. It's not worth it, is it?

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