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I am buying a camera and I now have a choice between a Nikon D80 & a Canon 400D I would like to know opinions?

I am buying a camera and I have narrowed my choice down to a Nikon D80 and a Canon 400D. I would like to know others opinions of these cameras please. Ulitimately I will decide in store when I have them in my hand but I would like your opinions please. I am not sure about the Nikon D40 as it is very expensive. Thank you.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The February 2007 issue of Popular Photography has an article where they compared the top 10 MP DSLR's. I took the scores and ranked the cameras similar to the way Formula 1 gives championship points. I just gave 5 for 1st place down to 1 for last place, splitting the difference when cameras tied in their catagories.

    They evaluated Image Quality (giving this twice as much weight as anything else), Ease of Use, Control, and System Flexibility.

    The final order and my scores are:

    Nikon D80 - 17.5 points

    - BEST in Image Quality, Control and System Flexibility

    Canon Rebel XTi (400D) - 13.5 points

    - Tied for best in System Flexibility

    Pentax K10D - 11 points

    - Tied for best in Ease of Use

    Samsung GX10 - 11 points

    - Tied for best in Ease of Use

    Sony Alpha 100 - 7 points

    - LAST in Image Quality, Ease of Use and System Flexibility."

    Then again, this is the same magazine that put the Sony Alpha 100 dead last in this comparison named it the camera of the year in the previous issue! (In a follow-up to this seeming error, Pop Photo published the explanation that only the D80 and the Sony had been tested by the end-of-year deadline for choosing the Camera of the Year. Sony won on the strength of low price and built-in image stabilization. The other 3 that beat Sony in shoot-out were not tested until after the Camera of the Year was selected, because they were not yet available.)

    Go to the original question and read the responses for more opinions.;_ylt=AiG00...

    If you want to get the "best" for the real world, consider the Nikon D200 or Canon 30D if you can afford it. For about $300-500 less, look at the results of the recent PopPhoto test and choose from that list according to your taste.

    Personally, I use a Nikon D200 and would recommend it without hesitation to someone who has some knowledge of photography. For someone who wants the "best," but is starting with somewhat of an "entry level" knowledge base, I'd suggest the Nikon D80.

    There are people out there who will state their preference for the Canon cameras and I will not argue with them. The Canon 30D and 400D are excellent cameras as well. You would have to visit a camera store or camera department and pick them up and see what you think.

    This article is available online at:

    Here's another reference from outside the photographic press. Consumer reports compared the Nikon D80, Canon Rebel XTi and Sony Alpha. Personally, I'd say that the Nikon came out on top here, also. It beats the Sony in "noise-free ISO" with an acceptable rating at ISO 1600 (kind of optimistic, I think...) compared to the Sony's ISO 400. It beats the Canon (in my opinion) by having a spot meter that the Canon does not offer.

    Here's another comparison of interest:

    [Note the navigation menu near the top of the review]

    The next thing to consider is what lens to start with and where you go from there. If you are new to this, I'd say to just get the "kit" lens, which seems to be the 18-135 lens for the D80, and get started. Once you know where you really want to go with your photography, Nikon has an almost unlimited family of lenses to choose from.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The Nikon D80 is supposed to be better than the D40. Canon rated number 1 in Consumer Reports. I chose the ony Alpha 100 over all of them, as there are a lot of Minolta lenses (used=less expensive) that are compatible with Sony Alpha. Also, the anti shake feature is built into the camera body with the Alpha, as opposed to the Nikon, which require VR (Vibration Reduction) lenses, which are more expensive. Try and compare the photos taken with each type of camera to help you make your final decision. Before I retired I was a photo lab manager, and having a nice camera helps, but I've seen great shots taken with disposable cameras by a great photographer...some people just have the talent...Good Luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Lukasz P if you think that Nikon D80 produces blurry photos you need your eyes checked.

    Check for yourself here are photos taken with Nikon D80.

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  • 1 decade ago

    cannon nikon stinks at taking pics it takes a long time and it turns out blury and u need a 6 mb card for 100 pic i think cannon is better

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