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can some one transolate in dutch for me please???

how do i say, A group of six Auckland students have survived a terrifying ordeal, trapped in a cave in Northland.

The 13 to 15-year-olds from North Shore's Northcote College, along with a caving instructor, became trapped in caves in Waipu when a flash flood blocked the exit. they where trapped inside the cave from since 8:30 am and where rescued about 12 hours later. They were suffering from mild hypothermia and were taken to Whangarei Hospital for observation.

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    Een groep van zes studenten uit Auckland hebben een angstwekkende beproeving doorstaan, gevangen in een grot in Northland.

    De 13 tot 15 jaar oude leerlingen van North Shore's Northcote

    College kwamen vast te zitten in Waipu toen een


    vloed de uitgang blokkeerde. Zij zaten gevangen in de grot vanaf

    half negen 's ochtends en werden ongeveer twaalf uur later gered.

    Zij leden aan een lichte vorm van onderkoeling en werden ter observatie naar het Whangarei Ziekenhuis gebracht.

    A few notes- The Dutch don't really have a word for flash flood

    ( Flat Country- No Mountains- No Caves)

    so I used plotselinge vloed which literally means sudden flood

    but Flash Flood can be used as a term in Dutch, people here

    may otherwise think it was the sea that blocked them.

    - gevangen = caught vast (te ) zitten = stuck

    I didn't want to use gevangen three times, it doesn't sound

    right in Dutch.

    I did this of the Top of my head but I always forget exactly

    what am and pm are so I used 's ochtends ( morning )

    otherwise replace by 's avonds (evening ).

    -half negen ( 9 ) is correct ,the Dutch count hours differently

    it means half ( an hour to go till ) nine.

    - from since 8.30 is awkward English so I ignored it,

    I translated it as if it it only said from .

    Source(s): Dutch and living in Amsterdam
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