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What's this Jena 6 business all about & how does it relate to today, Sept. 20?

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    This was a high school (in Lousiana) where the black and white students usually did not sit together. The black students usually sat on the bleachers by the autotorium and the white students sat under a big shade tree. It was called the "white tree." A black 9th grader once asked the principal if he could sit under the shade tree and the principal said to sit where he wanted. So this one kid and some of his black friends sat under the "white tree." The next day there were three nooses hanging on the "white tree." THIS WAS VERY RACIST AND THREATENING IN MY OPINION. No one did much about this, the white teens who were guilty of this got in school suspension. After this there were many fights between races. A white teen was beaten fairly badly by six black teens and they are being charged much more harshly than they should be whereas the racist white teens barely got a slap on the wrist for putting up the nooses.

    There was a petition passed today asking for a reveiw of these events. The black teens who are 17 or over are being treated very harshly and the petition is asking for the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Justice Department to review this.

    Even David Bowie contributed $10,000 to help pay attorney costs because the bigotry is so obvious in the town of Jena.

    I am sure I have not covered everything but this is what I know.

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    And, whilst the police arrest those black teenagers, Im helpful Sharpton would be complaining approximately unfair justice returned besides... I merely dont get it. I understand that for the duration of Jena, a white boy beat a black boy first. The black boy, rather than contacting police, desperate that revenge and vigilantyism exchange right into a greater effective thank you to pass. So, he and 5 others gang up and beat this white boy - and that they get arrested for attack - the place is the unfair therapy via police???? Had the black newborn long previous to the police initially rather than attempt to take justice into his very own palms, he would not be under arrest at this factor, could he?

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    im not sure about the whole story. all i know is that 6 african american students beat up a white student. im sorry but they are like acting like it is a good thing. having protest and everything. what is this world coming too. and of course if it was white kids that did it, they would want them put to death. all because one african american student is still in jail and they want him released with no charges. regardless of what was said that doesnt give anyone the right to beat up people as bad as they did...especially 6 to 1.

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    It relates to the fact that the media fuels this sort of bullsh*t that happens in every town in every country.We try to fool ourselves in believing we live in some sort of utopia where blacks and whites love each other and think if they don't eat lunch together then we must hate each other.We can never agree to disagree and we perpetuate the lies amongst each other.I have several black friends and we don't quarrel over the fact that we are different people...that's just a given.For christ's sake

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    6 black students beat a white student to the point he was unconsious. They were arrested for attempted murder. It all started over someone hanging a couple ropes from a tree which was done as a pratical joke

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    Look some of yall don't know the whole story the only reason why this is happening is because the African American guys finally got fed up of the unfairness and everything and finally stood up for themselves..because everyday they would get picked on..hit on beat up and they even had nooses hang from trees..all done by racist white kids..while nothing was being done to them for doing all of those things..but whenever a African American kid did something wrong..theyll get suspended and everything..which is i don't blame them for doing what they did..sure some of yall may not agree with me..but until you really know the feeling of what being treated you're a criminal,get called harsh names or just get hated just because of your skin'll never understand!i got through at least everyday.especially at work since i with the public alot..sorry if i offended anybody

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    Some white kids hung nooses on a tree as a "joke". Nothing happened to them. They didn't get into trouble. Later, 6 black kids found one of the white kids who hung the nooses and beat him senseless. The 6 black kids got arrested and are in jail.

    The black community is angry because they think this is racist. The white kid didn't get into trouble, but automatically the black kids did because they're black.

    That's the jist of it.

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    Read this:

    It's a bit long but very well written and fact checked. The author is African-American.

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    it's about 6 black students who beat a white student unconscience, over a racial slur, and this is apparently a very racise town and school. they want the one out of jail, and basically for them to walk away scott free. if it were reversed, they wouldn't.

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