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History:What Sources Do They Have?

i need help for:

Fall Of Twin Towers & Second World War

please hurry


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    Go to wikipedia.org. Look up both subjects. At the bottom of the article it should list some other sources on the topics. Don't use wikipedia as a source itself as most teachers/college instructors won't allow it.

    Otherwise, I'd say don't wait until the last minute to start a research project and go to the public library. The public library in my town also has access to online databases that I can't access through other means. Librarians are also more than willing to help you find the books you need.

    Source(s): Another good starting pointing is http://www.refdesk.com/
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    Wow--where to begin...


    There are many sites that deal with that topic. Also try the HistoryChannel/MilitaryChannel/DiscoveryChannel.

    As to the War: WorldWarII. I assume you will then have to be more specific. When you put THAT in you'll get 500,000,000 references.

    TRY to be more specific or you won't get anywhere on either topic.

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