Do I have to get an ABN if I start an Ebay store?

I'm in Australia,I want to open an ebay store, do I have to get an ABN (registered business) or can I just open it. Will I have to pay business tax?

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    Only if your eBay store passes the enterprise test.

    An enterprise is:

    A defined term in the goods and services tax (GST) and the Australian business number (ABN) legislation.

    An enterprise includes a business. It also includes other commercial activities.

    The other commercial activities include adventures and concerns in the nature of trade and where they are done on a regular or continuous basis, leases, licences and other grants of an interest in property.

    It includes the activities of entities such as charities, deductible gift recipients, religious and government organisations, and certain non-profit organisations.

    It also includes activities done in the form of a business or adventure or concern in the nature of trade.

    It does not include:

    private recreational pursuits and hobbies

    activities carried on as an employee, labour hire worker, director or office holder, or

    activities carried on by individuals (other than trustees of charitable funds) or partnerships (in which all or most of the partners are individuals) without a reasonable expectation of profit.

    Do you have a reasonable expectation of making a profit or is it just a hobby?

    If you anticipate that your turnover will be greater than $75,000 per year you will also be required to register for GST.

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