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What will I pay for the TPS (for Salvadoreans)?

Because all the websites say a different price! Can some one help me? Its urgent because I need to send my application in a few days.

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    i am currently filing TPS for my friends right now. the cost of the form I-765 is $340 and the I-821 biometrics fee is $80. this makes a total of $420. You shouldn't put faith in any other website aside form the official department of homeland security website. www.uscis.gov all the forms are free and include instructions on how to file and mail properly.

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    Are you re-newing one you already had? My husband just renewed his and we sent a total check to HS for $420. We sent it just a few weeks ago and he has already received his receipt. They were quick on this part, now let's see how long it actually takes to process. Best of luck to you.

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