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Anonymous asked in 家庭及人際關係其他 - 家庭及人際關係 · 1 decade ago

答謝信 (in English)

公司同個外國客搞function, 期間我用左唔少私人時間協助個客在港時期d "非工作事務" (book 車, 搞visa, 食宵夜.....之類), 個客臨上機交左份禮物俾我老細轉交比我, 都算幾貴重ga! 我問過我老細話收得, 我就接受左呢份禮物. 我想send 番封 formal d 既信多謝呢位外籍客人, 唔該各位幫忙! Thank you!


I just want to thank for the gift.

公事上既 thank you, 我諗我老細會搞掂!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Thank you letter for holiday gifts Go To Top Of Page

    Dear _____,

    I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for the wonderful [holiday] gift[s] as well as for the holiday wishes. We enjoyed our time in [place] and look forward to next year when we are able to return.

    I am writing this from gOffice, the web-based office suite. gOffice allows one to make PDF documents and presentations. One subscribes to the service and is able to fax, email and send by US postal mail documents from any Windows PC, as well as save to and access one's "hard drive" which is part of the subscription. In addition to this, the site has sample letterhead and sample texts which are available for use by everyone (in case we need a little help thinking of ways to say certain things). The site also allows everyone to participate in adding to the library through a donation process. The subscription costs like a dollar a month. Very cool.

    Anyway, I really just wanted to thank all of you for the holiday cheer and gifts. I will be in touch soon. Hope all is well on that end.



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  • 1 decade ago

    Dear XXXXXX,

    I am YYYYYYY, from ZZZZZZZ. I would like to thank you for your generosity in your previous stay in Hong Kong. I am glad to be of assistance and wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

    Gratefully yours,



    - Keep it short and to the point.

    - Keep it professional.

    - If you want to, send the letter with a personalised signature for a slight personal touch.


    XXXXXX - name of your client. Use Mr. or Mr.

    YYYYYYY - your name. Use full name.

    ZZZZZZZ - your company name, to help him remember who you are.

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