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xx then....xx then

see you then

bye then

what the meaning of then in this situation?

why se then at the last?

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    then here means : since that is so; as it appears; therefore

    so both "see you then" and "bye then" mean good bye or see you later

    but then in "see you then" has another meaning means : at that time

    so "see you then" could mean I will see you at that TIME, but ofcourse it depends on the whole conversation to tell which "then" was meant.

    hope this may help you=)...........................

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    'See you then' & 'Bye then'

    上面網友指這個then是 since that is so, as it appears 或 therefore的意思。其實, 只有since that is so是可以接受, 另外兩個都不對。正確點說, 'see you then' 和 'bye then' 的then是 in that case (在那情況下、那麼、就) 的意思。Then 這樣的用法通常出現在談話或一段文字的結尾 (這解答了你另一疑問:why se 'then' at the last?)。以下是Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary內的例句, A: 'I really have to go.' B: 'OK. Bye, then.' (A君: 我真的要走喇, B君: 好吧, 那麼, 再見了)。

    既然是一段談話或文字的結尾, 那當然是有前文的, 說或寫 'see you then' 或 'bye then' 的人是表示他想結束談話或文章,例如:Tom says "Hey, what's the matter with you? You don't look good." Susan says "Yes, I think I stayed up too late last night." Tom says "But our party has just begun, we're gonna have much fun." Susan says "But I'm too tired. I wanna go home and get some rest." Tom says "If you wanna go, then go." 兩人的對話便結束了。

    留意:雖然在 'see you then' 和 'bye then'裡, then是最尾一個字, 但在其他情況下, 它可能出現在句子中間, 除了上面提及的 'If you wanna go, then go' 外, 還有 'OK then, I think that's all for this lesson. Goodbye class.' 等等。

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