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A Lesson Learned From Nature

I’ve yearned to be turned into a sparrow since I was in childhood. It sounds childlike for being said by such a kid. But, with the time pass, I grasp some sense of it. Sparrows are gregarious and clannish animals which can’t just live alone. They cooperate with each other to achieve everything including finding the foods, defending their nest. On the other part, they divvy works and achievements for company without selfish and egotistic. Cooperation and selflessness are definitely the most important spirits that we derive from sparrows. The world is now lacking for these virtues and now is the time for us, new world leaders, to renew our paradise, isn’t it?

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    A Lesson Learned from the Nature

    I have wanted to be a sparrow since my childhood.

    A sparrow? Why? You might think it sounds ridiculous when you first heard about this. As time goes by, I gradually understand why I want to be a sparrow. Sparrows are the kind of birds which get together all the time. They help each other out by finding foods and defending the nests for each other . In addition, each of the sparrows has its own job, and work hard to reach the goal set by its group. We certainly can learn from the sparrows with their remarkable commitment . These virtues are hard to find in today's world. As new leaders for tomorrow, it is time for us to renew the kindred spirit that the sparrows have.


    Source(s): Are you like Barbara Walters who once said she wanted to be a tree
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