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皮皮 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago



1.William was caught......?

a.stolen a bicycle b.cheating on the exam

c.smokes in the restroom eat on the MRT find a baby inside the box.

a.To my surprise b.He was surprising

c.We were surprised d.It was surprised

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  • 1 decade ago
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    第一题的答案是 b.cheating on the exam

    解释:在英文里,不可能会出现两个动词前后互接。b 答案里的 cheating 不是动词,而是名词。若答案是 d,那么它应该是 eating on the MRT。

    第二题的答案是 c.We were surprised

    解释:a 的答案简直是离谱,因为接起来,这个句子就毫无意义了。 b 的答案也不对,不可能是过去进行式,应该改成 He was surprised。

    d 的答案也是文法错误,应该是 It was surprising,因为 surprising 在中文被翻译为“令人惊讶的”,而 surprised 在中文又被翻译为“(感到)惊讶”。

    正确:It was surprising to find a baby inside the box : 令人惊讶的是在箱子里找到一个婴儿

    错误:It was surprised to find a baby inside the box : 在箱子里找到一个婴儿震惊了它( 注:是指动物或非生物的它)

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. b-- Willaim was~~~ 後接Ving<被抓到時正在~~~>

    2. c-- O<主詞為人We>+ were suprised

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