Halloween's Coming!!! Dry Ice or Fog Machine?

Hi guys, I am looking to fill my back yard with low lying fog for a Halloween party. I've researched a bit and it looks like I have 3 options.

1) Use Dry Ice

2) Build my own fog machine

3) buy a fog machine

I do have a good amount of disposible cash, so buying a machine would not be a problem. I was just curious If anyone could recommend what they consider the best method for creating a lot of cool looking low lying fog. Also if you have had any success stories with any particular Fog Machine Model Type, please enlighten me. Thanks a bunch!!!

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    Buy a fog machine.

    Dry Ice is too dangerous if not handled properly. There is the added disadvantage of your being sued if any unsupervised children touch the Dry Ice.

  • jkc
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    1 decade ago

    dougeebear is right - a chiller is the way to go. Of course, it can still depend on the weather. You have to get the fog colder than the outside air and if it's a cold night, you might not be able to do it, even with the chiller.

    We made the trash can chiller. The more tubing you can roll up in there the better, because the longer it takes the fog to go through it, the colder it will get. We just use regular ice in the chiller.

    When the weather is right it works like a charm and is an incredible effect....

    The Halloween monster list link that he posted is a great resource.

    As far as fog machines go, we've never invested in a really expensive one and have never had a problem. Just be sure to get one with a timer so that it will go off on it's own, not you having to push a button. We have 3 we use, all three are different brands.

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    Dry Ice is comparatively expensive, and you'll need a dry ice machine to create the fog. These are large garbage-can sized water heaters with a fan to push the fog (dry ice works best in hot water, and the water must be kept warm because the ice will freeze it).

    Fog machines spray fog juice onto a hot surface which vaporizes the mixture. So the fog is warm and will rise. In order to keep it low you will need to run the fog through a chiller. Plans vary from a cooler size to a garbage can, but the basic principle is to force the hot fog through a lot of ice, cooling it. It will then hug the ground until wind kicks it up or it warms to ambient temperature. Check the "Fog Chiller" plans at the link.

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    Truly depends on the weather for the dry ice and how well it will work, but a good fog machine will work every time.

    I don't have a specific brand, but i do know you want a larger capacity one, and you'll be looking ot spend $400+ to get a good quality, reliable one that will keep working.

    Maybe even consider two machines spreading the fog from different spots in the yard - opposite each other for best effect - works same in the house.

    Really cool is fog rolling down the stairs.

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    I'd avoid Dry Ice. It doesn't sublimate (turn from solid to gas) efficiently enough to get the effect you're going for. Also, it's a bad idea if kids may poke their fingers around to see what the cause of the effect is. If you were to use it (I have in the past) secure a collander over the container holding the dry ice. This allows the gas to escape and prevents people from being able to touch the stuff.

    The Fog Machine will work fine. It will create a better, more reliable fog effect.

  • dymond
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    The dry ice is a definite no-no-it burns the skin and if someone was to get curious and try to touch it you could get sued for medical bills and pain and suffering.Fog machines are your best bet.There are several types -you will probably want one that will run for a couple of hours without having to fill it.Some only last a few minuets before the steam runs out.Sorry I cant give you brand names but stay away from the dry ice>

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    Buy the fog machine and have fun. They are also great for general parties (at the entrance) so buy it, turn it on and have fun! BOO :-)

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