Fico Score?

Is your Fico Score the same as your credit score?

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    Yes, Your FICO is your credit score, when you buy a car they just run one bureau (usually TransUnion) When you get a mortgage they run a "Tri Merge" and check all three, (Equifax, Experian, and TU). They do vary, and sometimes by a lot, depending on which of your creditors reports to whom. I have a 746 TU and a 702 Equifax. Also, it is based on Payment history, debt/available credit ratio, and time on file.

    Hope this answers your question...

    Source(s): I am a finance manager at a dealership and my wife is a mortgage broker.
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    Yes and no. FICO stands for Fair Isaac. Not all 3 credit bureaus use this scoring method. I think 2 of the 3 do (not sure which ones). Whichever one doesn't uses their own scoring method, but it should be close to the same number so long as your information and reported accounts matches between the 3 bureaus.

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    Yes, most of the financial institutions accept FICO score. Check out for some useful info and tips on improving your credit score quickly. Good luck!

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    Yes, but the thing is there are three credit reporting agency's and they all have their own way of calculating your score.

    This results is three different scores.

    Now add to that the fact that there are also three different types of bureaus that can be pulled, ther is the standard one which is the one you get from the web, then there is the auto enhanced which is the one that car dealers and lenders look at and then there is the factual which is the one that mortgage lenders look at.

    So everyone can actually have 9-different credit scores.

    Source(s): Finance Manager for over 7-years.
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    only 1 thing to add but get your true scores from and not some place like truecredit. those scores can be wrong by as much as 100 points at a time.

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    Yes, and all three major credit bureaus issue the scores. For more info, see:

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