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i want to be a Marine But....?

I want to be a Marine To Protect,Serve and Honor my Country my brother believes in me hes a Marine Sstg.but he Said be Pausative if thats what i want...but the rest of my family thinks i wont be able to hack it Should i go with my heart or listen to my family?

(One time this former Marine said america Is ready to see men in bodybags but not ready to see women in bodybags)I told him much i wanted to a Marine and thats all he said to me.

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    If you believe you can become a Marine, you already have the basic element that will help you to succeed in becoming a Marine, Don't listen to what others tell you you can or can't do or else if you do, you will be one miserable person for the rest of your life. I would say, go with your heart, It's tough, probably the toughest training in the world but I gaurantee you once you graduate from bootcamp, you will have that something, most people will only imagine. Go For it and Good Luck!

    Source(s): 25 years exp.
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    Well marine training is hard. its not unpassable. if you can run 2 miles with a light jog in about 12-18 mins and do 50 push ups you are more than qualified to be a marine. or an entry marine into paris island. Try it, youll be under contract, they can either pass you, or let you go. If your a girl, marines will probably give you a hard time but remember that all of them will be looking for you to help them the way they look at other guys to help them. BCT is not co-ed. theres female and male BCT.

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    If you want to be a Marine, then do it. If you don't, then don't. You should listen to what your loved ones tell you, but in the end you must make your own decisions on what is right for you.

    Source(s): USMC 1986-Present.
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    If YOU want to be a Marine be a marine

    Boot camp is hard as hell, you need to know that however, if it is what you want in your heart, then YOU can and will do it

    Good Luck and Semper Fi

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    The military is full of people that someone else thought couldn't hack it. Whether you hack it or not is all up to you, here is a new phrase for you to learn and teach your family about," intestinal fortitude", that is all you need.And remember, pain is just weakness leaving the body.

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    Who is joining the or your family? If that is what you want to do, then do it! When you make it and prove all those doubters wrong it will give you just that much more satisfaction and sense of accomplishment. Best of luck to you.

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