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Do you think he saw alot?

My Big Brother is a Marine he is a Sstg. (Staff sargent.) He was in Iraq on the front lines he was there the day the war started....Do you think he saw alot?Sense he came home hes not the same...he doest talk about Iraq only to my other brother...So my question is do you think he saw alot and if so is that why he is different now?

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    think about it...............I can only guess he was also a marine before the war and he has changed from what he was then. Because just going into the marines has changed some guys I went to school with...some better some just wierd. Wether he saw alot or a little it may have been too much for him to deal with on a daily basis. I wasn't there, you weren't there and all we can do is imagine. (But I'm not going to!)

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    Use your imagination and DON'T PRY. A lot of soldiers find questions like, "What did you see over there?" and "Did you kill people?" invasive. If he was on the front lines, he saw quite a bit. All you can do is be there for him and learn to accept the person he's become because of his experiences.

    War will either shore up faith or destroy it. After a while, humans stop being people and start being meat. It takes a strong man not to break with that idea, and most people will be affected one way or another by it. Killing, even for the sake of one's government, is still killing. Dealing with that guilt, and that cruelty, is one of the hardest thing for any soldier to do. Not saying your brother killed, but I'm sure he saw a lot of death. That changes a person.

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    Yes, he has definitely seen a lot. If there is one thing all of us who have loved ones in the military need to realize is that it is unfair to them to expect them to come back from a place where they have seen death face to face, many times barely escaping it themselves and expect them to not be changed by it. They are still the same person at heart, but there are changes, sometimes big changes. It's something that sadly we who have not stood in their boots will not be able to fully understand. And they may never be able to fully explain. The best thing to do is be patient with them, love them and be there for them. Don't push them into talking about things, but if they attempt to..just listen. Sometimes thats what they need, just someone they know really loves them that is there for them no matter what.

    I know it's tough, but they have to work through these things on their own terms and all we can do is be by their side.

    Source(s): 2 years of talking one on one with OEF and OIF veterans
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    Yes he probably did see a lot. My husband had 3 tours in Iraq and won't talk about anything that happened but he has definetely changed and has a very hard time sleeping. I can imagine its hard to describe the way you feel to a civilian.

    good luck to you and your family

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    He prob did. My grandpa told me that when my dad came home from Vietnam that he was not the same person. I can see that for myself now. My dad still screams in his sleep and does not like anything that sounds like gun fire. My dad speaks very little about his time there. I am sure he saw alot of very bad things and i can not blame for him for not wanting to talk alot about it. best thing you can do is let him know that you will be there if he ever wants to talk.

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    Tell you one thing... he absolutely knows that "been there, done that" means.

    Yes, he's seen a lot... and he's probably done a lot. Sometimes it can take a little time to put it behind you. I don't think he's changed. I think he's readjusting to a very different environment.

    He also might be trying to protect you from some of the not-so-nice stuff he saw.

    Just love him. He's a hero.

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    There are some things that are difficult to describe to people and harder to talk about.

    Sometimes you see things you wish you could forget.

    When I came back from Afghanistan, people asked me about my experiences and I found that I wasn't able to describe some of the things that I saw and experienced.

    Not because I didn't want to tell them, I just couldn't put some things into words.

    Source(s): veteran
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    Whether he saw alot or not, he's seen enough. Just leave it alone

    Source(s): OIF vet.
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    well in BCT and combat you grow up, FAST. he saw alot of very shitty situations. he wont talk now probably becuase it show weakness and doesnt want to think about it. he will talk to his fellow leather necks. tell him thanks for serving. its a right and just cause./

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