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Shaft on Nike Sumo Driver?

I was looking at a Nike Sumo driver in a golf mart but there are 3 different shafts you can choose from: Aldila vs proto 65, Diamana Sasquatch, and UST Proforce v265. I was just curious about their differences. Is one better than the other, and can u please tell me the differences and how to pick the right shaft for your swing? Thanks

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    The VS Proto is a shaft that I would reccommend mainly for the better player... I found myself having a "bully" the shaft to get it to perform the way I wanted it to...

    I havent had much hands on experiance with Diamana shafts, but from what I hear, they are good, but expensive...

    I have a V2 in my current driver and I love it... Some people say it feels like a board, [Mine is labeled as, and plays like an S flex, 66 grams, but it feels more like an X flex] but if you get put into the right flex and weight, it is good...

    Like they have said... Get yourself on a launch monitor, and see how they work for you...

    I had an Aldila NV 65-S in my driver, and i was hitting it higher than I wanted, so I put a V2 66-S in it, and it gave me a longer more penetrating ball flight... It all depends on the person...

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    It depends on how you hit it... I don't know about the Diamana but the Aldila is good if you hit it low because it has a low kickpoint so you'll hit it higher, and the Proforce V2 has a mid kickpoint so you'll hit it higher than the Aldila... Besides that just pick the right flex for your swing speed, and pick a better driver than the Sasquatch... Get the Ping G10

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    If your willing to fork over $300 or $400 for a driver you need to go to a retailer that will tape the face of the club for you and then let you hit it in their in-store simulator. Most of the large retailers(Dick's, Golf Galaxy) have simulators. You have to experience the shaft because they are all different. A shaft labeled stiff by one manufacturer will be different than a shaft labeled stiff at another manufacturer. I would also recommend that the shaft be spine balanced so that you get the most repeatable swing. You can't get the true feel of a shaft from the responses on Yahoo!Answers.

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    Well, it really depends on your swing. Aldila VS Proto is for those with very fast swing speed. Above 115 MPH swing speed. Diamana has a really soft feel.

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    get the diamana, they are the best shafts our there, there the one used by TIGER WOODS. I have the diamana shaft on my sasquatch and i love it, it is so easy to hit and it goes a long way. Go with tiger on this one.

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    None of these I prefer KEDS.

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