Has anyone ever had an ear syringe used to clean out ear wax?

my dr. told me to use debrox for however many days to "get rid of the earwax" so he can see my ear drum more clearly...does that mean he's gonna use the ear syringe?? im scared and all that, my bf had it done and even he said it hurt, and nothing hurts him lol

so 2 questions, based on what i said and his quote, do u think he'll do it? and does it hurt?

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    No, it doesn't mean he will need to do an irrigation. The whole idea of using the Debrox is to have that medication do the removing. The drops produce a foam on contact with the air to soften and dissolve the ear wax so it will come out of your ear canal on it's own. When you use the drops, don't be surprised if you hear a lot of popping noise, almost like listening to a bowl of Rice Crispies in milk. You may also notice small brownish spots show up on your pillow case, since it's most likely to drain out of the ear while you toss and turn in your sleep. If it is necessary, when you return to the doctor, he may need to do an irrigation to remove any wax that is still present, but it will be much softer and easier to do. Ear irrigation should not hurt, unless the ear canal is already irritated or the person doing it is using too much pressure behind the syringe. If you need to have it done and it hurts, by all means stop the procedure and say so. They should only be using warm water, and possibly adding a bit of hydrogen peroxide, and before that they should be putting in a bit of the Debrox. There is no need to be frightened of the procedure, as I said, it should not ever hurt. It may be uncomfortable if the canal is irritated, but not painful. It should also be done with warm water, and very gently. At the most, some folks get a bit quesy from the sound of the water- but it usually passes if you stop and wait a few moments before going on. Just use the Debrox as directed, and it should do the job for you just fine.

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    Try getting a small bulb syringe and putting a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in your ear. It will sound really funny like its bubbling and cracking. After a few minutes, rinse your ear using the buld syringe and squirting water into your ear and letting it run out. rinse it completely, then use a Q-tip to dry your ear.

    You may feel a little odd because you are playing with your equilibrium, but it really works. Use the peroxide in each ear and let it bubble for a few minutes then rinse.

    After you ear is dry, you will be able to feel the difference. Do this for two days and that should clean the wax out of your ears. Its painless and easy. It takes no more than 7 or 8 minutes and will keep your ears clean.

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    I have used this when there was too much wax in my ears. I haven't used it on MY children's ears, but I have been told that that is O.K.(you may dilute the peroxide with 1/3-to-1/2 water) As far as ear infections, I would be hesitant to use hydrogen peroxide for that reason. the causative pathogen in an infection wouldn't necessarily be eradicated with this solution (H2O2) - I would see medical attention for an infection

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    Don't worry--I have had an "ear wash" done a few times. I always seem to have problems with wax build up in my ears, especially when I get a cold or the flu. It always settles in my ears.

    First the doctor will want to use a special instrument with a light to gently insert into the opening of your eardrum to check your ears. He will not need to insert this instrument very deep.

    He just wants to see if one or both of your ears is infected, and has a heavy wax build up. This is common.

    In order to drain the wax build up in one or both of your ears, the doctor will have you tilt your head, and he will use a type of syringe filled with a sterile liquid solution mixed with warm water used to loosen the wax. This will enable your ear to drain. It just feels strange, but it shouldn't hurt at all. And you will feel so much better afterwards!

    Hello..."can you hear me"...you'll be fine!

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    If its really packed tight use debrox..but if not bad get a syringe, (bulb) for that purpose and when you take a shower use it then and often and you won't have the problem..

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    I have to have it done periodically and it doesn't hurt. It's not comfortable and I don't exactly care for it, but it helps.

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    Had it done, didn't hurt me at all, afterwards is amazing, you can hear a pin drop. Get it done if he recommends it.

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