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My son is 6 months old. The neurologist thinks he might have Infantile Spasms aka West Syndrome.?

For the past month he, at times, tilts his head back, rolls his eyes back and extends his arms. Does anyone have any experience with this. I am really worried. Thank you

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    I saw something else like that on a Discovery Health show. They actually had video taped their child doing what your describing. They put their child on this shot and her spasms went away almost immediatly. She also had a disease called Moya Moya disease which brought on her spasms. Moya Moya means puff of smoke because that is what it looked like in her brain. I would defintely look that up, and see if your child has any of those symptoms. The earlier the detection of any problems, the better his outcome will be.

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    I am worried my son might be experiencing these as well. I videotaped them and two neurologists watched them and said they were "normal baby movements." They offered to do an EEG anyway, which we are having done tomorrow, because I still think the movements look suspicious and seem to follow a pattern and I am already worried about some other aspects of my son's development.

    You should definitely have an EEG done. They say in many cases, an abnormality on the EEG (called hypsarrythmia) may show up even if the baby doesn't have a spasm during the test. Ideally it would be most accurate if they DO have a spasm during the test because then you don't have to wonder if the abnormality is there, but just appearing during the spasms. The neurologist warned me that the EEG could potentially still give a normal result even if they are infantile spasms, so this is difficult beause I feel like we'll go through the test and I might still be worried anyway.

    Is your son developing normally otherwise? Has he shown a loss of any skills he has already gained?

    Feel free to contact me through my profile if you want to talk more - I'd like to hear your outcome. Good luck!

    Source(s): Another mom worried about the same problem.
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    My daughter has eczema too and that i additionally tried each and every thing, including all of those creams you suggested. the only ingredient that labored became OTC hydrocortisone cream yet you are able to in common terms use that for some days via fact that's a steroid. in spite of everything, it comes appropriate lower back as quickly as I end making use of the hydrocortisone so that's not all that efficient Oh, the different ingredient that labored became going to Lima, Peru a month in the past. 2 days after arriving there her eczema became long previous and it stayed long previous for the duration of our holiday the reason being that the climate is quite humid there. yet then we've been given lower back to the manhattan iciness and her eczema decrease back interior an afternoon. i comprehend this does not help you different than to teach that his eczema could be climate-proper. perhaps it gets greater useful interior the summertime, except you ensue to stay interior the wasteland. appropriate now all you're able to do is cope with it. Use aquaphor in many cases. making use of it a pair cases an afternoon isn't sufficient. Use it many cases, rather each and each time you're taking your son outdoors. It won't sparkling it thoroughly yet his eczema could get much less annoyed.

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    I know its' hard not to worry about it, not to think about it, but let them go through the testing then start fretting.

    My daughter has been tested for several serious things in her short little 9 months and really they were trying to rule things out.

    If your son does have West Syndrome there's theropy etc that he can go through. Its' better that they catch it so early so that he can have treatment. Each case is different, if you start reading up on it before he's diagnosed you're just going to freak yourself out, so don't do that. Just let the doctors' worry about it and try to enjoy him he's only six months once!

    My heart goes out to you and i wish you all the best!

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    I don't want to scare you but, Jenny McCarthy was on Oprah the other day and was talking about her son that did that and it ended up that he has autism. You should look into that. it should b on I hope your baby is ok

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