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Could the "War on Terror" be a complete FRAUD?

Before answering, take a look at these videos:

"9/11 Mysteries"

Look at all the physical evidence and live TV footage and

amateur videos before you comment.

Explain all the explosions that were experienced and felt by

firefighters, eyewitnesses, TV reporters and policemen, in

the basements of the Twin Towers, before the planes hit.

Explain all the molten metal dripping out of the South Tower.

(Melting temperature for steel = 1532 C, but air fires whose

only source of oxygen is from 101.3 kPa air pressure or 1 atm

open air, simply do not get hotter than 250 C due to an oxygen

starved environment - paper burning in still air only reaches a

temperature of Fahrenheit 451F = 233 C).

Explain all the molten metal found at ground zero.

Explain how all the concrete floors converted to fine powder.

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    Good morning!!!

    Latest Offerings from the Religion of Peace

    9/19/2007 ( Nazran, Ingushetia ) - Suspected Islamic militants ambush a police vehicle with automatic weapons, killing two occupants.

    9/18/2007 ( Pattani, Thailand ) - A Buddhist is among two civilians killed by Islamic terrorists.

    9/18/2007 ( Yala, Thailand ) - A school administrator is shot to death by Holy Warriors.

    9/18/2007 ( Narathiwat, Thailand ) - A man is murdered by Muslim gunmen while escorting teachers to school.

    9/18/2007 ( Mogadishu, Somalia ) - Two civilians are killed when Islamic militias assault a barracks.

    9/18/2007 ( Baghdad, Iraq ) - Jihadis bomb a residential neighborhood, killing eight innocents.

    Weekly Jihad Report

    Sep. 08 - Sep. 14 Jihad Attacks: 60

    Dead Bodies: 332

    Critically Injured: 540

    Ramadan Bombathon

    2007 Body Count

    How Many This Year?

    (numbers as of 9/18/07) Jihad Attacks: 62

    Countries: 8

    Dead Bodies: 294

    Critically Injured: 284

    It's all about Iraq, isn't it?

    Yep, it's all about Iraq and...

    India and the Sudan and Algeria and Afghanistan and New York and Pakistan and Israel and Russia and Chechnya and the Philippines and Indonesia and Nigeria and England and Thailand and Spain and Egypt and Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia and Ingushetia and Dagestan and Turkey and Kabardino-Balkaria and Morocco and Yemen and Lebanon and France and Uzbekistan and Gaza and Tunisia and Kosovo and Bosnia and Mauritania and Kenya and Eritrea and Syria and Somalia and California and Argentina and Kuwait and Virginia and Ethiopia and Iran and Jordan and United Arab Emirates and Louisiana and Texas and Tanzania and Germany and Australia and Pennsylvania and Belgium and Denmark and East Timor and Qatar and Maryland and Tajikistan and the Netherlands and Scotland and Chad and Canada and China and...

    ...and pretty much wherever Muslims believe their religion tells them to:

    "Fight those who do not believe in Allah, ... nor follow

    the religion of truth... until they pay the tax in acknowledg-ment of superiority and they are in a state of subjection."

    Qur'an, Sura 9:29

    SS_news - The fact that you can't handle factual data doesn't make me a racist. Sorry to have to make you aware of that also.

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    The war on terror is not a complete fraud. Sorry.

    As to explanation for your follow up questions, here ya' go:

    Hope that helps!

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    Not anymore of a fraud than "the war on drugs", "the war on poverty", "the war on hunger", "the war on crime" or "the war on illiteracy"!

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    No. Many terrorist enemies of the United States do exist... you should know this.. you are one of them.

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    Are you still waiting for aliens to take you away from this terrible place?

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