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Spanish help. "Are you?"?

I have to write questions for Spanish for the ideal girlfriend, so I want to know how to write something like "Are you funny(comica)?" in spanish. so basically how do I say "are you." in spanish. thanks

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    Do you have a good sense of humor? = Tienes un buen sentido de humor?

    Are you nice? = Eres simpatica? (here, "are you" = eres)

    Are you pretty? Eres bonita?

    Are you looking for a boyfriend? Estas buscando novio?

    Do you want to go out on a date? Quieres salir conmigo?

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    Eres comica?

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    Eres ______?

    Put comica or whatever you want on the blank. You can use graciosa instead of comica too.

    Hope this helps!

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    Eres alta? Are you tall?

    Eres comica/chistosa? Are you funny?

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    Eres comica?

    Eres simpatica? Eres graciosa? Eres traviesa?

    Hope this helps! :)

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    Eres... eres comica

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    when you say ¿Eres cómica? (Are you funny?)

    you are asking and if you want to answers something you do it the same way

    Ere cómica. (You are funny)

    you can also say instedad of comica:

    eres grasiosa

    eres chistosa

    eres agradable


    Source(s): native Spanish speaker!
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    on your google home page look to the right and you will see 'LANGUAGE TOOLS' click on that and then click on the little arrow beside the word 'Translate' here in Ireland the default setting is 'Spanish to English' it may be different else where! this will give you what you need... good luck!!!

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    Eres graciosa? Eres de buen humor?

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    eres are you funny would be eres chistosa

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