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Why is there going to be a new attorney general?

Okay, so I know nothing about government and politics. But I need to know why there is going to be a new one...just that, nothing more. Do they elect them every couple of years, or did bush feel it was time for a change? Please help, quickly. It's for a project. Thanks.

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    In the Federal Government of the United States, the Attorney General is a member of the Cabinet and as head of the Department of Justice is the top law enforcement officer and lawyer for the government. The attorney general may need to be distinguished from the Solicitor General, a high Justice Department official with the responsibility of representing the government in the Supreme Court. In cases of exceptional importance, however, the Attorney General may choose to represent the government himself/herself in the Supreme Court.

    The individual U.S. states also have State Attorneys General with similar responsibilities. The majority of state Attorneys General are chosen by popular election, as opposed to the U.S. Attorney General who is a Presidential appointee.

    Alberto Gonzalez was not fit for the position. He was a "yes man" who did whatever Bush and his administration asked him to do, including issuing warrantless wiretaps on US citizens.

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    The previous Attorney General resigned. He officially wanted to spend more time with the family. The truth is he was being asked embarrassing questions by Congress about his actions.

    The Attorney-General, like many senior government officials is appointed by the President but must be confirmed by the US Senate. A simple majority is sufficient. There is no set term for such officials. They remain in office for as long as the President wants. In fact, a former Transportation Secretary, Norman Mineta served both Presidents Clinton and Bush.

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    The Attorney General is appointed by the president, and works for the president. Alberto Gonzalez resigned. This is nothing's rare that attorney generals stay for the entire 4 years. It's a job, and the Attorney General can quit. The president picks a new one.

    The congress then proceeds to have witchhunts and litmus tests...and then after posturing, they approve him.

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    Because Alberto Gonzalez resigned. He was under a lot of fire from liberals bent on bashing the conservative Bush administration. The AG is appointed by the President and serves at the pleasure of the President.

    I think Bush knew Gonzalez was in over his head and needed to divert attention away from him and Gonzalez "resigned".

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    The old attorney general resigned because he was being criticized for fireing USA attorneys when they shouldn't of been fired. Bush appointed the new one.

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    The old one resigned amidst controversy. They are generally appointed by the President and confirmed by Congress. They usually change out with different administrations.

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    The old one, Alberto Gonzales, has to quit, because Congress was investigating how he ran his department. So we'll be getting a new one to replace him.

  • The last one resigned.

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