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Model United Nation Club?

Ok My dad wants me to join a club for the last two years i am a junior in HS. The only club that I think I would enjoy is Model UN because it was a class assignment in 8th Grade and was enjoyable.

Problem is I dont realy know much about the News or any countries. And that only 30 spots on the team out of 100 asians and a couple white kids and me the only black kid. Im not trying to sound stereotypical but the asians know everything.

My Question is can anyone give me any facts that would help. Or hints on how to make it sound like I know something. Thank You For your help

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    Hi Pablo,

    Being in a model United Nations is not just about knowing facts about the world and its countries. You can learn facts as you go along.

    It's also about having a set of skills. It's about knowing how to listen to others, and not just concentrating on what you think or want to say.

    It's about diplomacy -- getting people to agree on something when they are miles apart. It's about making peace when others want to make war.

    Think of the United Nations as a grander version of a family, or a group of friends. Perhaps you have a talent for helping your brothers and sisters to get along, or for patching up quarrels among your friends. This is an important skill that you can contribute to a Model United Nations.

    Be willing to listen. Be willing to learn. You could be a valuable asset to the club, even if you don't know everything, and even if you aren't good at public speaking. And you could make your father proud.

    P.S. Did you know that Ralph Bunche was a Black American who worked as a diplomat at the United Nations and was the first person of color to win a Nobel Peace Prize? He could be a role model for you.

    Best of luck,

    Civis Romanus

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