complicating math problem to me!!!???

how do i solve this math prblem??

you have to find the variable.

the problem is.


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    lol it looks complicated

    1. first distribute the parentheses


    2. now add like terms


    3. now substract the x on the right side of the equation with the x on the left side of the equation


    4. now add 8 to both side because you are trying to get x alone


    5. now divide each side of the equation by 7


    6. the answer should be x=1.57 or 1.6 if u round up

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  • 1 decade ago

    first you have to get rid of your parenthesis. for the first part 3(2x+2) you take the 3 and times it by the 2x and the 2 which will equal 6x+6. for the second part you pretty much do the same thing. 2(x-7) take the 2 times the x and times the -7. which will come out to be 2x-14. so now you will end up having 6x+6+2x-14=x+3 from distributing the parenthesis. then you do like terms 8x - 8 = x + 3. Then oyu have to minus the 3 from both sides. so you'll have 8x - 11 = x. then you have to subtract 8x from both sides. -11 = -7x. then divid each side by -7 and you come out with 11/7 = X.

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  • 1 decade ago

    3(2x + 2) + 2(x - 7) = x + 3

    Distribute first

    (6x + 6) + (2x - 14) = x + 3

    Combine like terms

    8x - 8 = x + 3

    Subtract x from both sides - Add 8 to both sides

    7x = 11

    x = 11 / 7

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  • WC
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    1 decade ago

    Rewrite as: 6x+6+2x-14=x+3


    7x=11, or x=1 4/7 [ans]

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    First distribute: 6x+6+2x-14=x+3

    Add like terms: 8x-8=x+3

    Subtract x from both sides and add 8: 7x=11

    Divide both sides by 7: x= 11/7

    There is your answer! x-11/7!!!!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Simplify: 6x + 6 + 2x - 14 = x = 3. Combine like terms: 8x - 8 = 2x - 14. Subtract 2x from, and add 8 to, both sides. 6x = -6. Divide both sides by 6: x = -1.

    Source(s): Former math teacher
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  • 4 years ago

    well, it takes her 30 min, because the hands were together then exactly opposite, in order to do this, half an hour must have past. For the other part, if you think about the tic marks on a a clock, there are five marks between hours (after the four to the five.) So, each mark represents a 12 minute increment. Now, in order to for the hands to start out on top of eachother, she would have needed to start at least around 4: 20 (a little after actually). It can't be at the 36 minute tick mark, b/c then it's too late to complete the half hour, so the start is around 4:24 and the end 4:54 but you'll have to do the finer tuning yourself ^^

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    (6x + 6) + (2x - 14) = x + 3

    combine like terms

    8x -8 = x + 3

    get x's on one side. [in this case subtract x on both sides]

    7x - 8 = 3

    get numbers on the other. [this case, add 8 on both sides]

    7x = 11

    divide by the coefficient of x [which is 7 in this case]

    x = 11/7

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